Fest Season 2014

Shortly after my arrival to Germany, the wonderful fest season began. I started with a wine fest near Illeshiem, then went to the Stuttgart fest in the Spring, followed by Grafenwoehr Volksfest, Nurnberg Volksfest, Ludwigsberg Pumpkin Fest, Regensberg Wine Fest, the infamous Oktober Fest, and followed by the Fall festival in Stuttgart again.

There will be posts in the coming days to talk about each of the experiences

Friends from the Wine Fest in Illesheim

Hanging out with some friends at Graf's Fest
Mo won me a minion named Kevin at the Nurnberg Fest

Mo, My friends, and I at the Regensberg Wine Fest

Me and the coworkers at the infamous Oktober Fest
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I look forward to the Christmas Markets coming up in December before I go home to Florida for Christmas break. There were a lot of fun memories this year since I journeyed to Germany, and these memories and people make this place bearable and worthwhile.

Be on the look out for more posts about my travels