Happy Halloween

Hello everyone, Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

This just happens to be my favorite day of the year, although I never really knew why. The song "This is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas keeps playing through my head.

I worked all day, didn't get to change into my "costume" until part way through the day because I had new people to in process. I originally wanted to be Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas (ok, so I may be a little bit obsessed with that movie) but decided not to walk around covered in blue paint. Instead I dressed up as a female Bruce Wayne since I am also obsessed with Batman. I forgot to get a picture of my full costume.

I did however, get a picture with this awesome little Hulk.
A couple of coworkers of mine and I went to dinner in a nearby town of Regensberg. We went to this cool place for dinner that apparently had some awesome beer (I don't drink beer so I didn't partake, AND I was the DD (without the driving) for the night) After that we headed to a cool Irish bar that we've visited before during our last trip to Regensberg and the guys bought two rounds of Kulsh beer.

It was a fun night out with two of my coworkers. Tomorrow, we celebrate my 23rd birthday.

Happy Halloween
Did you dress up?