"I Love" Sunday's v.2

Hello and Happy Sunday!

Most people use Sunday as the start of the week, but I kind of use mine to wrap up the previous week.

❤️ I've been working hard on getting my photography business in order. Created a workflow chart, a client data base, and now I am working on a client welcome packet/pamphlet. Once I get my Home Based Business Application complete, then I can start charging real price for my photography. My website is pretty much set, social media is created, now I just need to get these things completed! I just can't wait to focus mostly on my photography!

❤️ Re-watched most of Criminal Minds to refresh my mind before watching the new season. I absolutely LOVE Criminal Minds, crime shows (like Criminal Minds, NCIS, Without A Trace, and the like) are my favorite shows to watch. The last episode of Season 10 that I watched heavily involved Air Traffic Control and airplanes.... I was pretty stoked about it because I knew what was going on!

❤️  I looked at my LES (pretty much the explanation for my pay every month) and it shows that my Special Duty Assignment pay (for being an Air Traffic Controller) as well as my Separate Rations (for missing DFAC hours) will be effective as of this coming paycheck! Yay for having monies and not being a broke Specialist

💜 Misc little loves
* Kit Kats * Gaterade * Dr. Pepper * Squat Day at the Gym * Minute Rice * Project Life Cards * Washi Tape * Yoohoo * Organization * 

What are you loving this week?