My Adventures: Oktober Fest 2014

The flyer for the event
my immediate coworkers!

Toward the end of September until two weeks ago, the infamous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. My entire unit took a day off and went to the fest on the 24th. A good portion of my unit all dressed up in the typical Bavarian style attire wearing Lederhosen or a dirndl.  Fests in Germany are a mixture of beer tents, alcohol and food stands, and lots and lots of rides. It's like a carnival but on a much larger scale.

Everyone had to take the train from our local town to Munich, and then we walked through the city to the Fest site. It was MASSIVE! They had 4 main beer tents, and several smaller alcohol stands. There were lots of interesting rides and it caters to the entire family. There are a lot of souvenir stands as well, and I purchased a 1 liter mug and some post cards.

This is my "little brother". 
V is a coworker of mine that I met at the start of July when he moved to our unit. He very quickly became an adopted brother of mine and is a blast to hang out with. He is also one of the tallest people I know and therefore decided to squat against the wall in this photo so it was easier for me to take. Haha.

J is my immediate supervisor. He's a great guy and really looks after the people that work for him. Was very excited that he finally made it out to one of our adventures

L is the bestest 3 year old in the world in my humble opinion! He is so well behaved! He never wines or complains. He sits quietly with a phone or tablet playing Angry Birds and plays each level until he gets 3 stars. He always says hi to everyone when he comes to work with his dad, hugs everyone or gives them a fist bump, and listens to his parents. He is a very calm child and is just a joy to be around. He is always smiling and a happy kid.

My immediate coworkers and I stuck together (as per usual). There is a joke that Tower always rolls out together, which is mostly true. You hardly ever see just one of us during work hours, which always makes me laugh. It's not necessarily intentional, it just seems to happen this way. 

We hung out in the fest tent while most of the group drank their two beers. I don't drink beer, so I enjoyed my soda and just kinda hung out. We were loud and silly, and it was pretty awesome. We also went on a couple of rides, like high swings, some spiny disaster that I just watched from the ground, and there was a haunted house type thing. 

It was a nice experience and something to check off my list of things to do, but I don't really plan on going back. There were wayyyy too many people for me there, I don't like babysitting the people I do know, and I just don't really drink beer, so that part of it holds no interest for me. It was nice to go on a group outing with my coworkers though.