Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. Although I always know the things or people that I am grateful for, I wanted to take some time today to share that list and my rambles that go with it!

I'm thankful for a lot this year, mostly my family Mom, Dad, younger brother Jay, older brother Jr, sister-in-law Mi, Nephew Little M, Niece K, my newest nephew H, and younger sister Mak. I've got some of the best family, always so supportive of my choices. Although we're spread across three states and two countries, we're still pretty close. We don't talk a whole lot except for random FB messages between me and Momma, but I couldn't have asked for a better family! I won't lie, Jr is part of the reason that I joined the military (although he is a Marine) because I always looked up to him. My dad was in the Army in his younger years and he did some cool stuff! The military runs in my blood!!

My second family Momma B, Daddy B, "big sis" Lea, "sis" Linz, and "little sister" Munchkin, and the two nieces S and S! These guys might as well be my family for all the years that Linz and I have been friends. We met in Chorus in middle school and have pretty much been inseparable since. We're only a few months apart and we are wayyy too much alike. She is my bestie!

My family in Germany! Being a part of the military takes you away from your family for long amounts of time (haven't seen my family since March of this past year and won't see them until the end of December this year) and so the people you meet in the military kind of become your family. I met the C family about two years ago after my deployment and they pretty much adopted me as the sister/daughter of the family. They always take care of me and feed me and it is just by luck that we got stationed only two hours apart in Germany! And the new friends that I have met through them! Momma C asked me to come celebrate Thanksgiving with them and  I couldn't pass it up! Good friends, good family, and good food!

I am also thankful for my friends both in the military and outside of the military. I take things from everyone I meet, personality traits and life lessons and they help make me into the person I am. I'm thankful for my awesome coworkers who've turned into friends that look out for each other and help make the best of our situation at work. I am thankful for the friends from my younger years that have stuck around and keep in touch. I'm thankful for my new friends as well (even if one is 17 years old). The people we keep in our lives are what makes things better.

I'm thankful for the battle buddies who've paid the ultimate sacrifice and are no longer walking on this earth. Those guys and gals are the real heroes in my eyes. I am thankful to have served with them or after them, and hope that I can make people as proud of me as these battle buddies have made me of them. Also thankful for their families who have to live on after they're gone. We Soldier's aren't much without our families that stand behind us and support us.

Other things to be thankful for:
|| Puppy Chow/ Muddy Buddy Chex Mix | Moscato Wine | Modern way of life and communication | Ham | Crafting | Ability to travel and see the world ||

What are you thankful for today?