"I Love" Sundays v.5

Hello and Happy Sunday.

This past week was kind of short for me in the fact that I only worked 3 days this week, but it felt like one of the longest weeks that I have had in quite a while. Work dragged on (even though I worked 7-3) and knowing that this coming week starts some stupid stuff makes me dread the end of today. Anywho, on to the things that I loved about this week.

* I just finished watching a video Ali posted about the new December Daily Kit for this year, which I can't wait to receive. It's got a lot of cool stuff that I can't wait to play around with, although I may paint those 4" gold letters silver, since I prefer silver to gold. She also had a link to a cool new podcast that I subscribed too and can't wait to listen to while making pretty things.

* I found this cool link about an all female band trying to remind women that they are enough on a Breast cancer website.

* And these was this cool article about a project called The Soldier Art Project. "As Jared Keller noted for Mic, we fail our veterans every day - yes, even on Veterans Day. Perhaps one of the reasons why is because it is still so easy to lump everyone together, to stigmatize and stereotype when we should be humanizing. A new photo series called The Soldier Art Project aims to change this, capturing humans who inhabit the uniforms in powerful and often poignant portraits." You guys should really check out this article. I found it interesting from a Veteran's point of view, the system is not perfect, VA benefits are backed up out the wazoo and I know that there are people out there who don't feel that we deserve some of the benefits that we get.... but there are some people, people with severe PTSD, who need our help. Yes, at least half of the military enlisted so they could go fight in the war overseas, but does that mean they don't deserve help afterwards? After watching their buddies beside them die from gun fire and mortars? Even if you don't like the military, you don't agree with war, Veterans are still people too, and we have to live with the things that we've seen for the rest of our lives, things that most of us want to forget because we chose to fight for something we believe in.... But that a debate for another post.... Read this article still, it's a cool idea.

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