"I Love" Sundays v.6

Happy Sunday!

My how time seems to fly by quickly lately. It's like I've blinked and most of a year has passed me by. I remember the beginning of this year, at Fort Bragg, when I was getting ready to PCS to Germany. I didm't really expect life to turn out this way.

Here is what I am loving from this past week:

* Going bowling for a friend's going away party. This friend and I, Smith, have been together since the school house, for the most part. He was there for the majority of my time in the school house, although I only knew him as "Extra-Duty Smith, and then he and I worked together at Bragg, and then I unintentionally followed him to Germany. We've known each other for 4.5 years, and it'll be kind of weird when he leaves tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for him because he needs to go home and start the next chapter of his life, but I am sad to see a friend leave. I hope that life works out well for him and that he is happy in his future endeavors. I bowled a 116, with three strikes, a spare, and a split.

Smith and I.
Dunno why he looks a little scared.....
* Yesterday was the 2nd birthday party of my friend DG's daughter M. It was nice. DG made some amazing food on the grill and it was always nice to get together and hang out with friends. I went to light the candle on M's cake and she kept blowing out the flame on my lighter before I could get the candle lit. Finally I just told everyone to start singing to distract her and I would like the candle before the end of the song.

* Joined the upcoming 30 Days of Lists project for December, which is a project that I highly enjoy. I make lists because it helps keep me organized and it is easier for me to remember things this way. This project is a fun listing project that is said to make journaling easier, a simple way to journal something every day. I've already started to plan out the lists a little bit since I will be on leave the second half of the month, and I dunno how often I will be on my computer.

Little Loves
| Criminal Minds | NCIS | Bowling Alley | Batman | Silly coworkers | Twizzlers | Graham Crackers | Chicken Nuggets and BBQ Sauce | Sweet Tarts | 

What are you loving this week?