"I Love" Sundays v.7

Hello and Happy Sunday friends!

**This week was a short week for me at work and I LOVED IT! I worked Monday, was gone all of Tuesday to an appointment 4 hours away, and then it was Wednesday (which dragged on a little) and then it was time to go home and visit Mo. One of my supervisors even let me leave 2 hours early after I answered a bunch of questions right from the training program. That was pretty spiffy and totally unexpected because it's not something that supervisor ever does. I think it was just because it was Thanksgiving weekend.

* Thanksgiving this year was spent with Mo and some great friends! We didn't make anything, just brought some wine and enjoyed the night. I did help clean the dishes though, that always happens when I go to Momma C's house! I guess it's better then cleaning the floors, which is what I did before Roz's 14th birthday a couple months ago. The food was great and then when we got home Mo and I Skyped my parents for almost 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

* My December Daily stuff came in finally on Wednesday before I left! I was super excited! Mo and I even started working on it on Friday. Got the cover of the album done and the first basic page. I'll write a blog post about that later on this coming week too once we have more completed. It's fantastic that he wants to work on it with me!

* Tried some new recipes this weekend! Made Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry, Garlic Parm Knots, Baked Chicken, and Puppy Chow Chex Mix.

* This year was the first time I've ever been Black Friday Shopping (and we didn't even go until after noon since we didn't get paid until noon). Thankfully it's not super crazy here in Germany, but Mo and I got some good deals on Under Armour and craft supplies. We handmade some Christmas decorations this year, which I am pretty stoked about!

* After Black Friday shopping this weekend we decided that it was going to be a lazy weekend. It seems that we picked up some crud from our friends at the Thanksgiving dinner and we've both been feeling under the weather. Mo was super awesome on Friday night and he drove to the 24 hour shoppette to get me some medicine. Since then we haven't done a whole lot (other then go pick up some more paint and our tree yesterday) and we've hung out around the house. We crafted our Christmas decorations, cooked dinner and desert, and Mo got to play his new games (TitanFall and Shadows of Mordor ((Both of which he got on sale from Xbox on Black Friday) )). It's been nice that we can do our own thing (me blog and search for DD ideas and he play his vigi games) but still spend time together. That is the important part!

Little Loves
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Today is the last day of November! Tomorrow starts the last month of 2014, where the heck did the time go?!?!? It's like I got here in March and I blinked, and now it's almost December!!!!

What were you loving about this past week?