Hope The Breast Cancer Pillow Monster

Hello dear friends,
I hope this finds you well

It wasn't until my deployment in 2011 that I really started crocheting. I have been crafting since I was a child, crafting of all sorts, but crochet wasn't as important to me until 2011. 

It started with a woman reaching out to me through my first blog. She asked if I would help her make baby blankets for the NICU, for sick babies and for the families of the babies that didn't survive because it was sometimes all the parents had to bring home with them. It was heart breaking but Laura and I jumped on the chance to help.

Amidst working on the blankets I began looking into other crochet crafts that I could do to pass the time when I didn't have motivation to make a blanket. I found a pattern to make little pillow monsters out of crochet, so I started making them for various people and friends. They started with little pillow monsters and I eventually evolved into making bigger ones. 

Meet Hope

I found some yarn at my local craft store that was made for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It alternated pink and white and was really soft (I need to find the name of it, I think I have more yarn in my storage unit). On the way home from my parents house back to Fort Bragg, my ex-fiance was driving and I needed something to do to tune him out (his driving made me incredibly nervous) so I started crocheting!

I added pink and white button eyes, a pink flower button, and a magenta thread mouth.
She is 5.5" wide and 7.5" tall. She fits in the palm of my hand.

I use her at craft fairs for an example of my Pillow Monsters

I've made several other pillow monsters for people throughout the last two years. I've made a rainbow one as a request. They are super quick to make (an hour at most with distractions) and they are made at no specific size... I just make them until they turn out right. I think I am going to be making them for the upcoming Relay for Life to sell!

I am working on a set of Avenger themed pillow monsters for my own amusement too! Any other suggestions?

Do you have a favorite crochet project, or a project you're really proud of?