5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Couples I Ship

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This week we are talking about Fandom Couples I Ship

** Jack and Sally- These two will always be at the top of my list! They are my two favorite characters and I love them so very much!

** Hermione/ Severus and Ginny/Draco- I never likes Hermione/Ron.... he just isn't on her level in my opinion and one day my friend introduced to me the pairing of Hermione/Snape and Ginny/Draco and I thought it was a viable pairing for each. Hermione needs someone intelligent and interested in the same things that she is, not just in Quidditch.... and it was kinda weird with Ginny and Harry... like dude, that is your best friends little sister... awkward turtle much? I think it's also because I've read some really well written fan fiction where they made it all work. They didn't really change Snape's personality, they just made it believable that he could love her. I'm weird... I know

** Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter-  This was just too adorable in the movies. He was a little shy around her and then she was jealous and tried to shoot him while he was talking to the one girl in the bunker and he deflected with his shield. I love their interaction at the end of the movie as he is heading for the water in the aircraft and he makes her make a promise they both know he can't keep because they both think he is about to die.

**Amy & Rory Pond- because the Doctor always calls them the Ponds since he knew Amy first! They are a pretty awesome team. It was so adorable in the episode at the hospital where they got separated and when they found Amy again she was old and Rory was mad that they didn't get old together.... it was sweet! And after they divorced and Rory realized why she divorced him... or how he waited for her for 2000 years.... I could just keep going on if you would like....

** The 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler- I won't lie, I haven't watched the old Doctor Who yet, I started with Eccelson but I know he is the 9th Doctor. I think Tenant is my favorite Doctor so far though, although I kind of love them all... except for Peter Capaldi, he hasn't grown on me yet... I still like him... but he takes some getting used too. Anywho, Rose was my first companion and her and Amy are tied neck and neck as to who is my favorite. I loved them chemistry between 10 and Rose, it was cute. And I love how 10 brought the other version of himself to Rose because he had killed someone and he didn't know what else to do with the Clone. And how Rose kept traveling back to help the Doctor...

Welp, there you have it... my odd opinions on fandom couples I ship. Haha. 

.: Honorable Mentions :.
* Castiel + Dean- Supernatural I've seen a lot of shipping of this and I think it's amusing and awesome. Destiel! P.S. Castiel is one of my favorite characters because he is so clueless sometimes
* Piper + Leo- Charmed
* Bones + Booth- Bones
* Tony Stark + Pepper Pots- Iron Man
* Kensi + Deeks- NCIS: Los Angeles
* Ziva + DiNozzo- NCIS
* Penelope Garcia + Derek Morgan- Criminal Minds although they are just best friends
* Joker + Harley Quinn- Batman
* Starlord + Gamora- Guardians of the Galaxy
*Elsa + Jack Frost I understand they are from two separate movies, but I've seen a lot of shipping here and I LOVE IT

Who are some of your favorite fandom couples?

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