5 Fandom Fridays: Characters I'd Name My Pets After

Hello friends and Happy Friday!

I almost wasn't going to participate in this week's 5 Fandom Fridays but once I saw people posting about what they would name their pets, I decided I would go that route. I don't know that I will ever have kids.

I eventually want to get two puppies, either German Shepards or Husky's

1. Jack & Sally- As you all may or may not know, I may be a tiny bit obsessed with Nightmare before Christmas. If I get a puppy of both genders, I would want to name them Jack and Sally!

2. Lilo & Stitch- I also like the names Lilo and Stich.

3. Dean or Sam- As a fan of Supernatural, I would be okay with either or both of these as names for my future pets! I would want this for a pair of brothers tho!

4. Castiel- Another Supernatural name! I think I would definitely use this as a name for a cat! I just love Castiel! He is so amusing to me! I think I would save this for either a white or black cat, either would be fine with me

5. Hermione- I would name a female cat this! She is my favorite character of Harry Potter and I think it would suit a cat! They are generally intelligent animals and she was bloody brilliant! I think I would use this for a tabby cat though, like her own cat in the series! I think she is just a super strong character and I adore the actress who plays her! A role model for sure!!!

Bonus names:
+ Severus Snape from Harry Potter (Black Cat for sure!) I just love how his character developed as the series progressed and how Harry learned to respect him and understand him toward the end. I hate that he died, he is one of my favorite characters!

+ Zero Nightmare Before Christmas... only the coolest dog ever! I would love a ghost dog with a pumpkin for a nose. I would settle for a white fluffy dog tho, that I could name after this awesome dog!

+ Toothless How to Train Your Dragon- need I say more? Yes? ok.... Toothless is just super awesome! He's so silly but can be super protective! He's just plain adorable!!

What about you? What are some names that you would use in homage to your favorite characters?

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