Captain America Little Monster #1

Hello friends and Happy Monday!

I don't like Mondays usually, but I had the day off, so it wasn't bad. I hung out in my room, cleaned up a little, and just relaxed. It was nice.

My friend Mo is a big fan of the Avengers, so one of my other crochet goals is to make a set of Avengers Little Monsters. If you saw my Twitter, IG, or FB a while ago, you would have seen this picture.

Baby Hulk cosplaying as Captain America
The Hulk was the first part of my Avengers Little Monsters to be completed, and I immediately wanted to start on Captain America next. It's been quite a while since I made a Little Monster ((see Hope the Breast Cancer Monster here)) so thankfully Hulk was easy to make, even if he was a little smaller then I intended him to be ((hence why he is Baby Hulk)).

When planning out my Avengers Little Monsters, I knew that I would face some new challenges with the entire project. Hulk would be the easiest of the Avengers because he was simply green and purple! The hardest part was adding his hair! I think the only other one that will be easy will be Black Widow (other then her hour glass and hair).

Cap's base was already bigger then I intended, it was already much bigger then Hulk. The first thing I knew I would struggle with was the red and white across his torso. I had no idea how I was going to do those stripes! I then had a decision to make; either crochet it and attach it once complete as a separate piece, or do what I did and just crochet it around as I went. I think on my next one I will go with my first option and crochet it as a separate piece and then attach it. This part is very uneven and I am not quite happy with it. Then why am I sharing it? Cuz Mo said he likes it, I planned to make him one, so he will be given this one!

After that I was trying to decide how I would do the star on his chest. It was a toss up between using yarn, the thin thread that we used to use to make friendship bracelets when we were children, and finding some white felt and cutting that crap out and hot gluing it. After looking at Pinterest, I found a super easy star pattern and used that. I decided to make it out of yarn, since I thought that the thread might be too small.

After that it was pretty easy. I found an easy tutorial for switching colors that made a more seamless transition, which is what I wanted for his face when I did the eye holes in his mask. Luckily last weekend I found the perfect buttons at the craft store on base for this project, which was super easy to attach. The last thing I was struggling with was how I was going to make the A at the top of Cap's mask. Again, I resorted to Pinterest and saw a lot of people just sewed it on with thread, which is what I decided to do.

please excuse my yoo-hoo box, I was eating breakfast when finishing him.
So whatcha think? 

I learned some new lessons for my next Cap, which will be part of my Avengers Little Monsters, so I can't wait to make him hopefully the same size as Baby Hulk... or else I'll need a bigger Hulk! I can't wait to show you guys the completed set of Avengers Little Monsters to include Loki! I'll post them when I have a more complete set of them!

I also need to take better pictures of the rest of the Little Monsters... these pictures are kind of sad!