"I Love" Sunday's v.17

Welcome friends and happy Sunday to you all!

How do you like my new graphic? I made it using PicMonkey because I wanted something for these posts like I have for 5 Fandom Friday's. I may make some for my other common recipes although I will try to make them prettier and more unique.

** Yesterday was Valentines Day and I got to spend it hanging out with Mo, which is my favorite place to be! We met some of our friends at our favorite Irish pub called The Auld Rogue for dinner since they happened to be in our area (our friends are from the same base that I am and they just happened to be in our neighborhood. It was nice). Mo also signed up for his second Whiskey tasting which will be next month. I go as his DD and I get food for 10 Euro.

** Got a new Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablet from the Apple store yesterday in the local German mall. I can't wait to use it to start creating some of my own PL cards for our albums and my snail mail friends! ALSO! The people there were super nice and super helpful. Sometimes Germans don't like American's because there are a lot of self-centered, arrogant American soldiers here and they think we're all the same when we're not... but these people were very professional and had no issue with the fact that Mo and I knew very little German. He bought a new Yetti microphone to hook up to his computer for music and for potentially creating a new podcast (my broadcasting boyfriend just doing what he loves). So we're pretty stoked with our purchases for the day!

** Mo and I set up our new bookshelf from Ikea in the office on Friday and covered it with our geeky things... which was the sole purpose behind the bookshelf in the first place! I love the fact that is a white bookshelf with the inside painted grey, it gives it a cool depth

Top shelf: my 75th edition Batman Collection box, which came with the Tumbler, The Bat, and the Bat-pod (which are sitting in front of it)
2nd Shelf: Foot Soldier Funko vinyl, Jack from Infinity, a soldier bear, Groot from Infinity, the mini Lego AT-AT, my Tardis Ornament, the mini Lego Snow Speeder, Stitch from Infinity, Captain America from Infinity, and Funko Captain America Bobble Head. In the back is a Tardis picture made from clock pieces that Mo got me for Valentines Day from the Stuttgart PX. The maker even signed it for us!
3rd Shelf: Comics, the Captain America Little Monster I made Mo, "The Third Bullet" by Stephen Hunter, and The Walking Dead Book 2 comic

Mo made the snow speeder and I made the AT-AT on Friday and we added them to the shelves. We have fun making these things together.

** Mo bought me some pretty flowers for V-Day at the PX. They are simple and lovely!

** It's nice that Mo and I finally have a 4 day weekend together to just chill out and relax! He's helping me study for my upcoming Soldier of the Month and Promotion Boards (1st one is this Wednesday) so I can hopefully pass them and finally make the rank of Sergeant. We've just been hanging out in the office and relaxing. It was a long and weird week for us both last week (I worked 3 different shifts) and I am glad that it is over.

.: Fav Links :.
+ All About Ami- I found this blog when I was in Afghanistan and spending all my free time crocheting. I am super stoked that I just found her again because she has TONS of free patterns on her blog for cute aim's!
+ Gold Embossed Mixed Tape Message Cards by I Spy DIY I want to make some of these as a late V-Day card to send to my snail mail friends
+ Essentials Every Blogger Should Have by Wonder Forest I always have a notebook near me for ideas for my blog. I also have a camera or my phone for picture taking
Don't Be Selfie-ish by RUKristin This is a really cool way to document a trip, especially if you take a lot of selfies with friends, your significant other, or yourself. I really want to try this
+ Batman Garland by Our Nerd Home As you all have probably figured out, I am obsessed with Batman and I want to make this garland to hang in the office around Mo's Captain America Shield that he bought for his Halloween costume

.: Little Loves :.
|| Batman | German Cola | Pink Sand scented wax from Yankee Candle | Samoas Girl Scout cookies | Natalie, our German friend from the Under Armor store | photography | the apartment | Funko Pop Vinyls ||

What are you loving from this past week?