"I Love" Sunday's v.18

Hello friends!
Happy Sunday!

"I Love" Sunday's is a weekly series where I talk about things I am loving from the week before. I use it to document the happy things in my life right now as well as good memories. It's part of the way that I work on documenting my every day life each week. 

I would love it if you decided to join me! Share a link here to your post about things you love this week (it obviously doesn't have to be a Sunday post) or tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

This week was thankfully short but most definitely stressful for me. I'm actually rather glad it is over!

** These came in on Tuesday, which made me happy. Stitch is for Mo, it's his favorite Disney movie! I got the Hot Topic exclusive Arkham Asylum Batman for myself! Now I have two Batman's. I've ordered a Harley Quinn on Amazon, just waiting for them ll to arrive.

** On Wednesday, I participated in my first board for the military. This one was for to compete for Soldier of the Month (sadly, I didn't win), but it was good practice. I have a promotion board on 04 March.

** Friday we had a BBQ at work and I learned how to make Jalapeño Poppers for the first time because one of my coworkers hadn't had time to finish them at home before bringing them in. It was messy, but amusing. And lunch went well. We had the wives, a girlfriend, and a son come hang out, so that is always fun. We also got two A-10 fast movers to do a fly by of our tower, followed by an L-39 (another fast moving airplane). Next week we'll have 10-12 F-16's in our airspace and we're going to try to get them to do the same thing at 300 ft!

**Saturday was a surprise birthday for a friend's daughter. She thought she wasn't having a party and then everyone showed up! It was nice seeing some friend's again, I haven't been feeling very sociable lately thanks to work.

.: Fav Links :.
** Follow Your Arrow by Kasey Musgraves- I found this song on Spotify and fell in love with it! LISTEN TO IT. lol

** Jasmine's post about Superhero-fying her Hawaii vacation

** RUKristin's post about Sending Love Letters & Minted Stationary if you follow my instagram then you know that I love snail mail and sending happy mail to friends myself. I've been in search of cute stationary to purchase instead of my plain white paper. I must check out what she has shared in this post.

** Mandy from Record Life has decided to start a weekly photo/story prompt to document the every day life. This week's prompt is Morning Routine. You should check out her blog to learn more about this prompt and participate in it as well! Tomorrow there will be a blog post on her blog featuring me and another blogger talking about documenting the everyday life!

.: Little Loves :.
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What are you loving about this past week?