5 Fandom Friday: My Fictional BFF's!

So I know that this is a day late, but yesterday was Mo's birthday and the first day of a 4 day weekend, so Mo and I had plans before we went to dinner with friends last night, and those plans didn't allow for a lot of computer time (although there was a nap involved)! Onto the List!

1. Hermione Granger- So I talk about Hermione a lot, she gets mentioned in several 5 Fandom Friday posts here on meh blog... but that is because she is completely AWESOME!!!!! She is brilliant and helped saved Harry's life a bunch of times. She helped solve the riddles throughout the course of the series and is just awesome.

2. Derek Morgan & Penelope Garcia- These two are just amazing. Derek is such a bad ass agent and Penelope is just so adorable with her style and her personality. I love how they interact together and I would love to either know them or have a friendship like theirs! It's inspiring! Also... please do not get me started on my love for Criminal Minds and the whole BAU team. I LOVE THEM!

3. Dean & Sam Winchester- In a world with a serious demon problem, who wouldn't want to have Sam and Dean as their best friends! They would know how to save your life when you get in trouble and they are pretty amusing! Imagine all the things that you could learn from them.

4. Willow Rosenberg- This is kind of a throwback to an old TV show, but I always loved Willow. She was the sidekick witch to a Vampire Slayer who blossomed into such a bad ass character! She was super smart, talented, and loyal. She was always there to back Buffy up. Who could ask for a better friend then Willow!

5. 10th Doctor-  I love the Doctor, most of his regenerations included.... but I think 10 is my favorite. I love how quirky he is and how geeky he is. He wears Converse for gods sake... like all the time. He's unique.


1. Toothless- Coolest dragon ever.... so playful yet loyal. He has his own personality and it's awesome.

2. Olaf- despite the fact that he is a snowman who was created when Elsa's powers went crazy, he is super awesome and loyal. 

Who are your fictional BFF's?