Finding My Style

Hello dear friends and happy Monday.

Monday's usually happen to be my least favorite day of the week, mostly because I have to leave Mo's house Sunday night and go back to real life Monday morning's, but today I am still at Mo's for a four day weekend, so tomorrow will be my most disliked day of the week (unless the other days get worse in which case.... I dunno what to do then....)

I was reading through some blogs this weekend and looking through some of my favorite social media accounts, and talking with Mo's roommate Jaz, and something occurred to me. Something I never really took into consideration or cared about before now. I follow people's blogs and social media because of their personal style. I adore Jaz, partly because of her amusing personality, but also because I envy her style. ((Honestly though, I don't quite know how to describe her style because it's somewhere between goth/punk and kinda hipster... which is the weirdest combination I can think of at the moment)).

This is me... Mon-Fri (and some weekends)

It made me look inward and kind of take a moment to self-evaluate. I have a weird personal style. Let me explain. Some days, I rock a certified country look (I grew up in Texas and spent the first 10 years of my life there... it was all I knew). Other days I definitely look like I belong in the military... jeans, sneakers, hair in a ponytail, t-shirt.... either that or I just look kind of lazy. It's where most of my tattoo's show. I've got days where I love to rock whatever nerd related shirt I am feeling for the day, usually paired with jeans and my Chucks. Some days, (looking more toward my younger days), I definitely had a punk rock style going on. I can't make up my mind.

I don't wear bright colors (except for the occasional Minion shirt). I hate the color pink (I'm kinda a terrible female in that aspect). I prefer blue jeans or dark colored pants. Dark colored shirts (blue, black, grey, maroon. I don't wear dresses or heels (except for super special occasions like the Marine Corps Birthday Ball last year... and then it's kind of a fight). I hate purses and would rather wear my plain black pack pack (except for the red and black Celtic patterned bag I picked up from Ren Fest a couple years ago). I only own like 8 pairs of shoes.... cowboy boots, two running shoes, flip flops (Floridian in me), skate shoes, sandals, ONE pair of heels, Crocs (savior of my deployment!!!), and two pair of military issue work boots. I like plaid button downs. I hate wearing the color white. I always carry a knife. And have a multitool nearby. I occasionally wear boys shirts, hats, and shorts.

I've never been a girly girl, at least that I can remember (I might have been when I was younger then 5... but my memory sucks and you would have to ask my mother). I don't mind getting dirty. It's part of the military lifestyle for me, my lifestyle. I work in the Aviation Branch of the Army. I control aircraft for a living. In my first unit, we spent every Monday and in the motor pool checking and working on our equipment. I was always dirty. Checking the fluids of our trucks or generators, or just moving shit around. I like learning how to fix vehicles, (I changed my own radiator at 17 and can change my own oil).

I'm getting a little off topic I think. My point is.... I am trying to figure out my style still... at 23.... you think I would've had that shit figured out in high school. Based on the way I dress, I either don't fit into any stereotype or I fit into several. I guess I am still trying to figure out who I am, including my style. I think that also translates to my blog here too.

Maybe it's me being envious of civilians and getting to express their personal style every day. I wear the SAME THING to work every day (ok... so I have several uniforms and I wash them regularly) and only really wear civilian clothes on the weekends. After work... it's either workout clothes or pajama's. I don't have the energy for real people clothes after work. I know people complain about having to pick their outfits every day.... but I really miss doing that. I don't get a choice. I don't even currently have that many clothes thanks to that. I did a purge of clothing before I moved to Germany last year. It's currently mostly geek shirts, plain colored shirts, plain long sleeve shirts, button downs, and like 3 pairs of blue jeans. I don't really own dressy clothes at the moment (although I think that should change just because I am a grown up).

What about you? What is your style? 

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