"I Love" Sunday's v.19

Happy Sunday dear friends! Today is the first day of a new month, I can't believe how fast the start of this year has flown by. It's already month 3!!!! And almost the 1 year anniversary of me being in Germany.

+ Being able to leave work early on Friday because there was nothing going on and the person in charge said that there was no reason for everyone to be there since it was such a nice day out and I had to drive to Mo's place!

+ We had a flight of three F-16's fly by the Tower this week! It was super awesome! I have to work on the video's (or ask Mo to help me) to get some good pictures. In the mean time, here is a picture of an A-10 that also flew by our tower!

+ Ordered a couple of 6X8 albums from Becky Higgins for my projects that I am working on. I hope to finish my Shank Album as well as one from my last duty station.

+ Got my tax return and got paid on the same day! Guess who can finally get a new MacBook (mine doesn't have enough RAM so it runs SUPER slow) and a new camera lens? This kid!

+ Speaking of getting a new MacBook, I finally picked one up today! The only thing that is wrong with my old one is that it runs really slow cuz it only has like 2GB of RAM, which is way too slow for what I need it for. Mo was awesome and helped me pick out a good laptop (he knows more about them then I do) and he decided then it was time to go home so I could set up my new computer. He also showed me how to transfer information between the two computers so my new Mac has everything on it that my old one does, I just have to let them sit for 8 hours and I currently don't have the time because I will have to leave here in about 3 hours and head back to the barracks. ((insert sad face here on leaving!!!!))

+ I finally got to work on my photography a little bit this past week thanks to the fixed wing aircraft on base as well as working on a Softball practice session for my coworker and his friends. It's been incredibly difficult to work on my photography here in Germany (my boss isn't letting me focus on it during my free time nearly as much as I would like and  he won't let me register my business wight he German government so I can actually charge for sessions and sadly he does get a say over that since I am military and stationed in Germany.... just another reason I can't wait to get back to the states because they don't care what you do in your free time as long as it is legal) so the only time I get to work on photography is at work events. It's better then nothing though, right?

+ Yesterday Mo decided he wanted to make ribs for dinner, so he looked up recipes and found one that instructed him on how to make them in the oven. It took 2 hours, but boy were those ribs super tasty! Unfortunately we're occasionally limited with our cooking since we're in Germany and they don't have some of the same things that America does... but we make it work. He is super good with baking meat in the oven and I really have no doubt in his abilities! It's also super awesome that he knows how AND likes to cook! It means we can try new recipes and we share cooking duties. And even if one of us isn't actively cooking that meal, we make sure that we're both in the kitchen together. We'll chat, listen to music, or just be silly... but being together is the impotent part!

.: Little Loves :.
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