"I Love" Sunday's v.21

Hey friends! How is your Sunday?
How was your week?

** 3 day work week! Whoop whoop! It was much needed because I am stressed like crazy! I need more time off then I currently get. Haha. I know it seems like I have a lot of time off, but it's to compensate for the months where we only get one day off every couple of weeks.

** Spent Friday hanging out with Mo since it was his birthday. He's down to one crutch now, which makes things easier. We went to Subway for lunch, walked around the Spring Bazaar on the local base, came home for a nap, and then went to our favorite Irish pub for his birthday dinner with three of our friends. He bought some cool new beer and a poster from the Bazaar while I got a new ring and a TY Beanie Baby Penguin named Ice Cube. We ran in to almost everyone that Mo worked with in one of the tents, it made us laugh. He and I were the gimp twins yesterday with him on his crutch and my knee was killing me so I wore my knee brace all day.

The maker is called Pax Brau
Crazy Chicken, Vollbier, Weizenbier (Wheat Beer), and Marzen 

** Since Friday was Mo's birthday, I gave him his birthday present. It was a composition notebook that I covered with scrapbook paper to make a place for me to write him notes and letters (as well as 3 more little sticky notes for him to find). He said he really likes it. I prefer to make presents for people I am close too, not just buy them something, if I am able. For example, here is a post I did on a mini book I made for him a couple months ago! I am still working on decorating the cover for it. He really likes sugar skulls so I tried my hand at drawing one based off a picture I found on Pinterest. It needs some work, but it was my first try. Mo said I did really good. :)

** My friend Chris taught me how to change my own oil Friday as well. Well... he instructed me how to do it and I did what I was told. It was kinda cool because I like knowing how to do things for myself when it comes to my vehicle. So now I can change the radiator and the oil in my car (aside from your basic things like windshield washer fluid and light bulbs). Go me!

** Mo and I have made breakfast every day this weekend. :) We make eggs and bacon together. It's good for me to have something other then poptarts for breakfast since that is what I eat while at work. He has perfected making scrambled egg whites! I am good making the bacon on the griddle. It works cuz we make it together!

** Mo hung up two posters we bought this weekend at the Bazaar today as well as a 3 piece canvas painting of a beach. :) We have another canvas to hang up but we had to put some kitchen oil on it as a finishing touch before we can hang it up... as per what the artist instructed us to do. Pretty stoked to have some cool art work hanging in the apartment. The two posters he hung up are actually big labels of some seasonal beers made in Bavaria where I live. The guy that makes them only makes like 200L of each beer per month and they are all different! Once they are gone, he doesn't make them again! He does make certain wheat beers every year that are an ongoing thing, two of which Mo bought. 

3 piece Canvas painting of the beach we got a couple weeks ago at the PX.
We finally hung it up

The Marzen poster. It's a Seasonal beer that was made only once

This is another seasonal beer coming out later this year.
This was the first poster we picked up because Mo really liked it.

** One of my new favorite blogs to read is FindingNana. I absolutely love her PL layouts and she is inspiring me to really work on my PL and get all caught up! I love reading her blog! She is amazing. If you don't read her blog, you should totally check her out. I originally found her on Instagram forever ago, but finally started reading her blog and fell even more in love! She shares two good posts about printing at home, which I need to do. Check them out here and here!

** Also been digging the Elise Joy Podcast ever since I stumbled across it last week. I quickly downloaded them all to my iPod and listened to them on my way to Mo's house this past Thursday. She talks with a lot of great creatives and has shared a lot of good ideas for me and it's just awesome to listen too!

.: Little Loves:.

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What are you loving from this past week?