"I Love" Sunday's v.22

Hello friends and Happy Sunday!!

** Was looking for some new pictures to use on my blog and I stumbled across this one that was taken in 2013 before I moved to Germany by an awesome lady named Melissa. If you're ever in the Fort Bragg area, make sure you check her out!

** If you follow my Instagram, then you would have seen the below picture from Wednesday. As of this past Thursday, the Army is finally doing what they can to help me medically! You can read more about that here

** I have been listening to Elise's podcast pretty much every day since I downloaded it. I listen to it while I am driving. I LOVE it! And her! She is just so inspiring and her episodes give me tons of ideas for my creative mind. 

** Speaking of this particular post topic, one of the new blogs I follow posted a Happy List yesterday and I love those kids of posts. I love reading about what makes people happy. Happiness is contagious!

** I spent a good portion of yesterday making minor tweaks to this blog layout once I realized that Suzanna made it super simple for me to do so. What do you guys think?  I created a simple header that I think works better, I added an Advertising and Get in touch pages, I am working on a newsletter as well. Please let me know what ya'll think!

** That Mandy was so awesome to agree to my first interview on the blog ever. She made it so freaking easy and I can't wait to share more interviews with people that inspire me!

.: Little Loves :.
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What are you loving about this past week?