"I Love" Sunday's v.30

Thank god today is Sunday!!!!!

It's been a long couple of weeks for me with these back to back rotations. Technically this one that I am in doesn't end until the 3rd.

** For those that don't already know, I am flying home today to surprise my younger brother for his high school graduation! He and my mom talked a couple months ago that he wished I could be at his graduation but he knew that I couldn't. When I got moved to my new section back in late March, early April, I talked to my NCO and he told me I could take leave for Graduation. He has absolutely NO idea that I am going to be home after midnight on Monday. It's a 10 hour flight from here to Washington D.C., and another couple hours from there to Tampa.

** Mo and I got to talk this week a couple times, which makes me happy. Things are going much better for us. We're working things out slowly between us, which is probably the best news I've heard in quite a while! Any who, I get to see him today, he's taking me to the airport after we get some lunch. He's also picking me up next Friday so we can drive back to Hohenfels because Relay for Life is next Saturday.

** Found a couple of good websites and blogs to help me start and build my Senior Photography business, which makes me pretty excited. I've also been working on my website to make it more user friendly and pretty-flu (yes, that is a word!) I was also directed to a website called Squijoo, where you pay $10 a month and you get unlimited access to free templates for marketing. I downloaded a bunch of templates to use and am pretty excited to get things put together.

** I have been finding more people who are bloggers with chronic illnesses or disease. This makes me happy because it means there are other people like me and people I can talk too so I am not alone.  It's hard being new to this world and not having someone here to talk too. I don't know anyone in person who has Fibro like I do, so I don't have anyone to talk to on a daily basis. It's nice finding other bloggers because I kind of have people to talk to, people who share their stories, and I have people to learn from. It's just nice knowing that I am not alone.

** My friend got me hooked on a new tv show, Hawaii Five-0, on Netflix. It's actually extremely entertaining to me. I like the friendship between Danny and Steve, and I love the random things that Danny says. If you haven't watched the tv show and like Crime Drama shows, please watch it! "Why must you say that? You're like a devourer of dreams... like Pacman in cargo pants." Watching this show is just another reason for me to go visit Hawaii!! It seems to be a very beautiful place with interesting people.

** I started working out a little bit, trying to see what I can do without causing myself more pain. Anyone who knows me should be able to guess with what I started with first.... squats. I like to say that squats are the devil, and they hurt quite a lot, they are a well known way for me to strengthen my legs... and help me get rid of the jiggly legs that have appeared over the last couple of months of little extra activity. Here's to starting a new workout plan to help deal with the pain!!! I am going to win against this fibro!

.: Little Loves :.

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