Liebster Award

Hello Friends
Happy Hump Day!

So yesterday I was digging around on the IGGPPC and found a cool new blogger named Wendy, and we briefly got to talking on Twitter. She has since nominated me for the Liebster Award. Turns out, another awesome blogger I know, Jaz from Superheroes XYZ, nominated me a couple of months ago and due to my slacking on Twitter, I just found it.

Here are the Rules:
1. Mention the person who nominated you on your own blog and link them.
2. Answer the 11 questions chosen by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate and link 5-11 more blogs you like who have less then 200 followers.
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees.
5. Let your nominees know!

Already completed number 1! I have 2 sets of questions since I was nominated by 2 separate people. Now, onto my answers.

From Wendy:
1. What is your number one favorite movie: This one is hard.... I think it's either the Harry Potter movies or Nightmare Before Christmas.

2. If you had to becoming one of the following, what would you choose, and why? a. A Vampire Slayer. b. Captain of a spaceship. c. A mother/father of dragons. d. A Super Villain. This is a super hard question! It's a mix between A Vampire Slayer or Captain of a spaceship.... Vampire Slayer would be cool because of all the cool weapons and skills, and even friends you would have! Captain of a spaceship.... so like Mal from Firefly/Serenity? It would be cool to travel the universe in a spaceship and have a bunch of adventures!

3. What is a fictional place you would like to visit? Easy- The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! First fandom I fell in love with! I've always loved worlds like this, and the one that J.K. Rowling built just blows my mind. 

4. Avengers or Justice League? As much as I like Batman, I love the Avengers as a whole!

5. Are there any skills you would love to have? I would love to have Black Widow's fighting skills! Or the ability to fly! It would make getting around so much easier and I would rather be able to fly without having to be in an airplane!

6. What are your 4 favorite fandoms? Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Nightmare Before Christmas, Avengers.

7. If you could only see one movie before you die, what would it be? Ooo tough question! Toss up between one of the Harry Potter movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron, or Nightmare Before Christmas.

8. Do you collect anything? Why yes, yes I do. I collect post cards and shot glasses from places I've been, Funko Pop! Figures, and penguin stuffed animals! I also have some sonic screwdrivers from Doctor Who, Hermione Grangers wand, and a couple other various figurines.

9. Who is your absolute favorite superhero and why? Wendy, you've asked some seriously tough questions! It used to be Batman until I met the Avengers. I think my favorite Avenger would have to be Captain America! I like how Batman is just a normal guy who is super intelligent. He doesn't have any super powers, he just uses his smarts to help defeat the bad guys trying to take over his city. I like how Captain America was originally just a scrawny little guy who wanted to join the military. He was injected with some super soldier serum that made him bigger, stronger, and faster.... but I like how he sticks to his morals. He is really protective of his friends and he is just a good guy down to his soul. The power and the fame haven't really changed him much as a person, even after being asleep for 70 years. 

10. Who is your absolute favorite villain and why? Either Ultron, Loki, or Joker! I love how human they made him seem, how his facial expressions were more human then robot, and how he actually seemed to be thinking and processing like a human. I love that Loki was just trying to get out of Thor's shadow, he was like a lost little boy just trying to find his way. I like Heath Ledger's version of the Joker. He got into character so perfectly! I didn't see Heath Ledger, I only saw Joker.

11. Are you more Sci-Fi or Fantasy? I used to be more fantasy based growing up, but as the special effects have improved over the years, so has the beauty of Sci-Fi!

Now onto Jaz's questions:
1. What inspired you to begin your blogging adventure? I originally started blogging back in 2011 during my deployment. It was a way to share my crafting talents, meet new people, and just a great creative outlet. I met some great people through blogging! I started blogging again last year because I wanted to be able to document my time in Germany, my creative adventures, and share my geekiness with like minded people.

2. Favorite Social Media site to spend all your time on? Either Facebook or Instagram. I am still kind of new to Twitter and Pinterest is fun when I look for crafting ideas.

3. One of the best things about blogging is? To me, meeting new people who have similar interests.

4. Bright and Sunshiny Day or Rainy with Rainbows? I like rainy weather, mostly because my eyes are hyper sensitive to bright lights and the sky is always so pretty when it rains!

5. What is your one dream and or goal that you are always working towards? Owning my own photography business 

6. If a celebrity were to read my blog I wish it was _____ I dunno about celebrities, I never really paid attention to that. Maybe either Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Scarlett Johanson? Or maybe Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins, or Amy Tangerine? Those ladies are celebrities amongst the crafting community!

7. One of the best things you have done because of your blog? Geek Girl Brunch? Visited new places so I could take pictures and share about these places on my blog.

8. Where do you see yourself with your blog in 5 years? Hopefully still going strong with this blog. Having built a good community of fellow bloggers and friends, and not necessarily a LOT of them... because it's more about quality over quantity. I'm hoping that I will have traveled more places before I leave Europe and been able to use this blog to look back on those awesome memories!

9. If you could time travel which time period or time would you want to go to? Oh lord, that is a good question. I don't really know the answer to this one.

10. Best tip you have received during your blogging adventure and your favorite tip to share with others? Schedule blog posts ahead of time when able. Write down blog post ideas as they come to you so you have posts already written out for days when you have writers block. 

11. Who would win? Doctor Who Vs. Sherlock: Malcolm Reynolds Vs. Captain Jack Sparrow: Power Ranger Vs. Ninja Turtle Hmmm.... Doctor Who, I think Malcolm Reynolds, and Ninja Turtles!

Now I got to tag some people!
2. Jenn from Sunlight and Air
3. Rachel from Illustrated Teacup
4. Mandy Elliot from Record Life Blog (Soon to be Turquoise Avenue)

My questions:
1. So why do you blog?
2. How did you decide your blog name?
3. Favorite social media platform to use to interact with other bloggers?
4. What is something you would like to share with new bloggers?
5. How did you decide your niche in blogging?
6. Name top 3 places you want to travel?
7. Where do you see your blog in 5 years? 10 years?
8. What are your hobbies outside of blogging?
9. What is your dream job?
10. Favorite animal and why?
11.Favorite food and beverage to have while blogging?

I'm not so good with asking questions, and since the ladies I've nominated have different niche's in blogging, I tried to make them questions that everyone could answer!