Find Your Voice 2015

So anyone who has ever heard of Currently Lists, #Thursday3, or The Awesome Ladies Project has pretty much heard of Kristin from RUKristin! She is known for her bright colorful layouts, awesome mini books, and fun classes on encouraging women and creating! Well, she's at it again!

Kristin is hosting a free six-week creative story telling workshop called Find Your Voice starting on 01 July. This course is for anyone who is looking to find their story telling voice, whether you're a crafter, scrapbooker, art journalist, photographer, or a writer!

Throughout the course, some things we'll be working on are:
* Figuring out who you are as a story teller
* Determining the types of stories you want to tell
* Figuring out what you want these stories to look and feel like
* Establishing who your audience is and learning to tailor your stories for them (or you)
* Embracing your role as s storyteller, both for your stories, and as stewards of other's stories
* Creating a plan of action and building your story telling arsenal with tips and techniques to bring out your unique voice.

Does this sound interesting to you? if so, make sure you sign up for the course starting 15 June!

I signed up to be a sponsor of this workshop and I am pretty stoked about it! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to this awesome free workshop!

I am packing up to fly back to Germany today. My brother graduated this morning fro high school, but now I need to get back to Germany because Relay for Life is this Saturday! Make sure to check back in on Sunday for my "I Love" Sunday's series to see what's been going on this week, or check out my Instagram for pictures!

There will be some changes coming to this blog again in the next couple of weeks as I work on building up and expanding my brand. I want to move into Social Media Coordination outside of just my Relay for Life work and my own social media, as well as more crafts, and just being more organized!

Let's talk soon!!!