"I Love" Sundays v.32

Sadly I am not really loving a lot from this past week. It's not that it was a bad week, because it wasn't. It was just kinda meh.

** Binge watching Criminal Minds. :) Always fun for me. The slightly annoying part is that I know what happens in each episode. I know which episodes to avoid and which ones I really like. I finished Hawaii Five-0 and had to figure out something else to watch while I multitask, and Criminal Minds is easy because I already know what is happening so I won't miss anything important. 

** This week passed by quickly, and I only worked 2 days this week. We were off on Monday thanks to the rotation, worked Tuesday and Wednesday, had an all day appointment on Thursday, and we were off on Friday. The two days that I worked kinda sucked because I worked nights and then drive 9 hours on Thursday.... but it's whatever.

** I pre-ordered my Find Your Voice kit with stamps from RUKristin and I am pretty stoked about it! I can't wait to participate in this workshop and meet more like-minded people! I want to meet more small business entrepreneurs, so this is an awesome place to do that. 

**  My friend B and I watched Pitch Perfect 2. I liked the first one so I was pretty excited to see the second one. I like musical type movies (except for High School Musical... didn't like that one much). It was  pretty comical to watch and it helped pass the time.

** All packed for my 2 week trip back to the states for my medical evaluation. I actually flew to this morning (so thank god for planning out posts ahead of time). This is a good thing so I can speed up the process and get started with another chapter in my life. 

** Found someone to help me build my brand for something new that is coming here soon. We're actually collaborating together on something that will be awesome for both of us.

** Made it to Atlanta International Airport around 2 but it took us over an hour to get through Customs, get our checked bags that had to get checked a second time, and then get through security. It was super helpful that I have a cane because it means that I get to skip most of the lines, but anyone who knows me know that I can't stand for long periods of time (which I had to do) but after sitting for over 9 hours.... it was kind of a lose-lose situation! I will make it through.... it's also nice that I'm with a group of people that have their own issues with pain so I am not by myself. There is even someone else with a cane! I shouldn't be happy about that.... but I am. Haha

.: Little Loves :.
||  Baylee Jae on Youtube | Dr. Pepper | External charging devices | my rose tattoo | Free wifi ||

What are you loving from this past week.