New plans

Hello friends and happy Tuesday!
I hope this post finds you all well.
I am just dropping in real quick to give you guys and gals a heads up!
I have been considering a new avenue for this brand along with my photography business and I have some plans in the works! This means there will be changes around here put into effect in the upcoming months and hopefully will be done by the start of August! I'll m ake sure to keep you all updated, and make sure you check out the rest of my social media as well for sneak peaks and special information.
Relay for Life went quite well. It was ridiculously hot, which we were not counting on. We luckily had a tent from the Boy Scouts secured for us. Mo had to go get some sunscreen and bug spray because we were being eaten alive! My team rasied $70 and 70 Euro in cash, which we turned in before we left Saturday night. Although there were only 4 people that showed up for my team that day, we still had a pretty good time. We went around the track quite a few times, Mo helped me create a cool banner for our team, and we had fun at the games. We didn't stay the whole time, lefts hortly after 8 pm due to the bugs as well as Mo's allergies and my need to lay down after all the traveling.
Also! Next monday starts registration for RUKristin's Find Your Voice workshop which opens on 01 July! Remember that this is a free workshop, but you still need to register for it! This is going to be a fun six-week course on learning to find your storytelling voice, no matter if you're a scrapbooker, photographer, blogger, writer... it doesn't matter! I am looking forward to this workshop! I hope you guys and girls will join me!
Make sure you stick around and see all the good things coming up here in the near future. I am going to be a busy busy bee!