Coming Soon: New Brand Launch

Good morning friends and Happy Saturday,
I hope this post finds you well!

If you've been paying attention to my social media then you'll know that I am working on a new brand launch for later this month.

I have been working with the lovely Caitlin from Caitlin Powell Design to create a whole new brand for a Social Media Marketing brand that I want to launch. Her and I have been working together since last month to build this brand and we are both pretty excited! 

I love Caitlin! She is simply amazing at what she does and she is super efficient and quick. She creates such awesome things that it's hard to determine what option I like best!

We even talked about my time here in Germany and she was sweet enough to ask about how my medical trip went a couple weeks ago, she showed genuine interest!

My goal for this upcoming brand launch is to help small business owners create and grow their social media community around their brand. I want to work with web designers, bloggers, and handmade businesses to build their following and community. I love doing things like that. It makes me super happy.

I will also be working with Caitlin once I get launched and sending her clients who require a brand design along with their Social Media Marketing help!

Make sure you stay tuned for more details about the upcoming launch!