Find Your Voice Lesson 1

Hello friends
Happy Tuesday, I hope this post finds you well.
Today I wanted to share with you guys my notes from the first lesson of Find Your Voice 2015. Tomorrow starts lesson two. Each lesson starts with some questions to make you think about the project and then Kristin gives you a creative challenge to complete.
I am keeping all my notes for my summer projects in the back of my monthly plan book (inspired by Jenn Penton- and I will do a post on the book later on this month- maybe I'll make my first YouTube video!!!)
Q1. Why do you want to tell your stories? I personally do not have the best memory, people will ask me if I remember doing or saying something and I will spend a few moments struggling to remember some things. I want to tell my story for days when I can't remember things. For instance- my younger brother and I shared a room for many years, and after a while, my parents removed my closet door. I had no idea as to why they removed it until well into my time in the Army. Apparently I locked my brother in the closet twice because he was irritating me- and I have no recollection of doing this! This is something I would like to remember. I also want to document my stories for future generations of my family, so they can see what I was like when I was my current age. To celebrate and remember the big things and the small things. To do something with all the pictures that I take!
Q2. What is holding you back from telling your story? I often just feel uninspired to document my story. I see other people doing such beautiful work in documenting their stories and I feel a little....intimidated. I'm not really impressed with the stuff that I do, so if I do anything, I usually just write it all out or share it on a blog post here. I am trying to find a way to creatively document my stories in a way that I will be happy with and want to share with other people. It's hard to document the health stuff, which is currently a huge part of my life because it feels like I am dwelling on the negatives or just complaining, even though it's part of my every day life.
Q3. Compare/Contrast two versions of the same story (i.e Snow White- Disney vs. Once Upon A Time). I will use Disney movies and their live action counterparts for this one... because I can't quite make a single choice. I really need to watch the latest season of Once Upon A Time.... I am a little behind after my NCIS and Criminal Minds marathons I had. I like both versions because they are two sides to the same story. They both have characters that can be connected with.
The Disney movies are generally happy stories with life lessons in them, bright and colorful, and full of hope. They are made to entertain and teach children. These are animated fairytales about princes' and princessses.
Once Upon A Time is the live action, more current version of the stories. I think that Once Upon a Time is a darker version of the fairytales, more modern. In this series, the characters aren't as innocent as they seem in the Disney Version. They seem to be a little more realistic in this version then in the original.
Q4. What stories do you read/engage with on a daily basis? For the most part I engage with tv shows more then anything other then blog reading. I like to rewatch my favorite tv shows frequently because I can get lost in the stories that I am familiar with. I also like to read and engage with my favorite bloggers in every day life. I read their blogs, leave comments, and interact with them on social media. I like their  stories because they are real life everyday stories of people just like me across the globe. Isn't that why people go read other people's blogs?
Q5. What kind of stories do you binge on? I binge on my favorite crime dramas or fantasy/sci fi stories that catch my attention. One's whose characters hold my attention, characters I can relate too. TV shows for instance, if I like the show- I will binge watch on all available seasons from start to finish because I like seeing it as one continuous story instead of waiting every week for a new episode.
For the creative challenge, Kristin told us to share great stories and focus on why these stories are so meaningful. I haven't figured out exactly how I want to document this yet, so I am just writing notes in my travelers notebook until then.
1. Harry Potter- I grew up with these characters as they grew up, I was their same age as I read the books. This series, in my opinion, teaches you about friendship, loyalty, and standing up for what you believe in. It teaches you that people are unique and you need to embrace that uniqueness, that those people should be valued for it, not judged or ridiculed.
2. Supernatural- This is all about the importance of family and how family doesn't have to be blood related. Ultimately you get to chose who you cosnider family, including your close friends. They are important because these people will help you get through the hard times, be there for you when you need help, and pick you up when you fall.
3. Doctor Who- this show is about one Time Lord's glorious adventures of trying to save a bunch of innocent races (the Earth more often then not). This shows that everyone is important in some way, we're all different, and we can all help. The Doctor has different companions throughout the series and they all help him in different ways. For time's sake, we'll start with the 9th Doctor (I also haven't made it through all the older seasons yet either.) Rose was Bad Wolf, looking into the Time Vortex to help save the world. Martha Jones helped him through many adventures and then chose to go off on her own after she saved the Doctor's life. Donna Nobel was the most important girl in the world, who has forgotten the Doctor so that she could live. Amy Pond-Williams was the girl who waited for the Doctor to come back, and ended up unknowingly becoming his mother-in-law.
4. Criminal Minds- This show is about a group of vastly different people who are all trained in human behavior, working together to stop the worst kind of people in the US. They solve the crimes of serial killers, rapists, and help rescue kidnapped or lost children.
Let's talk- do you document your stories? If you do, why? If not, why not?
Lesson 2 starts tomorrow!