"I Love" Sunday v.36

Hello friends
Happy Sunday! I hope this post finds you well.

** Monday of this week was the 5 year anniversary of my time in the Army. That's both a short time and a long time in the grans scheme of things. This was my first official job. Right out of high school.

** Movie marathons are a great way to pass the time when you spend hours on the computer working  on multiple projects. They're also good when your insomnia kicks in and you can't sleep. Apple TV is my friend

** Been working in my Travelers Notebook and working to create my books for August and September. If you follow my Instagram, then you might have seen the doodles that I've done at the bottoms of my pages. I've even added stickers to make it all pretty.

** Yesterday was a Find Your Voice chat, which was fun. Kristin pointed out that you can find good stories anywhere.... so now I am going to look for them!

** So even though Monday started my 10 days of leave, I was still in the office pretty much every day this week to use the computers and talk to my boss. It's been nice wearing my civilian clothes to work. Haha. I'm actually considering signing in from leave on Monday and saving a couple of days. Any who, I also got my initial MEB results back as well as picking up some medication I needed. Monday I have a doctors appointment and need to see about more medication.

** My chapter of the VFW is putting together a school supplies drive thingy for all the parents E-5 and below on base. We're also making an event out of it and having a BBQ. I get to help set this up! Basically we'll chose a day a week or so before school starts and they can come by our location, pick up some of the basic stuff that they needed, and get to have some free food! I am also the only girl and got a post t-shirt.

** Thanks to a video on Youtube, I finally got around to finishing up my Washi Tape booklet. I'm considering making that my first YouTube video. In my booklet I put all the washi tapes that I own, and I try to remember to write where I got them from.

.: Little Loves :.
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