"I Love" Sundays v.35

Hello friends.
I hope you're all having a good Sunday. This post is kind of late for me, but I've been busy.

Not a lot has really gone lately to "love". It's been really quiet for me, spending most of my time just hanging out in my room in the dark watching tv. It's been too hot to have the lights on lately.

** I got to photograph a Softball game for my team this past week and it made me kind of happy. It was nice to use my camera again. Now I just need to edit these photos and then get them put up on my page.

** Yesterday I went to Regensberg with my coworker and his family, which was nice. They showed me around to see their favorite places, were patience with me while I looked for postcards, and we ate lunch at a Thai restaurant for lunch. It was yummy. I found some really old postcards that still had writing on them to put in my MJdori. It was nice that these two friends were super nice and patient with me. Offering to drive to dinner instead of walking just to make sure I was comfortable. The wife is preggo but she was more worried about making sure I wasn't in more pain then I needed to be in.

** Today, the same friends and I went to a German airshow for a couple of hours. It was kind of cool, they were prop planes and old planes from the war.  I got some gummy bears, which are my favorite things ever, we ate some barutwurst, and watched some cool little planes.

** I've spent time working on my MJdori, specifically my monthly plan book insert (inspired by Jenny Penton) and it's starting to look like something that I will really enjoy using. I am making improvements to how I want my book set up for next month. I'm hoping to maybe make a video here soon to actually show you guys what mine looks like.

** I start leave tomorrow for 10 days, which I get to spend hanging out by myself or taking day trips to see new places. This makes me happy simply because I don't have to go sit around work and do nothing since we have no flights until the end of the month, when rotation starts.

** Getting closer to the launch of my new social media marketing biz, J. Leigh Marketing with the help of an awesome designer, Caitlin! You guys should check her out. She is being super amazing.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?