July Goals

Hello Friends
Happy Thursday!

With the start of the second half of 2015, I am starting some new things. I think that the best way to be successful in things is to have goals. Goals help keep me focused and on track. I figured using my blog was a fantastic way to keep myself accountable.

+ Complete #LittleSummerJOY Project and Find Your Voice- both of which are FREE six week workshops that I am participating in this Summer. I will be using my handmade MJdori to accomplish this task

+ Launch a new Social Media Marketing business that I have been working on. I've been working with an awesome designer Caitlin, and I am super stoked to be launching this new brand with her help. The plan is to launch at the end of this month!

+ My last major goal for July is to build my own social media interaction. More interaction on my blog, Instagram, twitter, and facebook page. My goal is to build communities around small businesses, and I want to start with my own!

What are some of your goals for July?