"I Love" Sunday's v.37 [[Hello August]]

Hello friends.
Happy Sunday!
This is a combo of the last two weeks because I forgot to make a post last Sunday....

* On the 1st, I went to the German-American Volksfest in Graf with some friends, which was fun. It was something else to do instead of just hanging out in my room watching tv. I am super stoked that I went because Craig Morgan played a show for us, and I got him to sign the back of my phone and I got a picture with him. There are tons of videos that I took and tons of pictures, they are on the blog's FB page. Craig Morgan is a country singer and a Army Veteran himself. The concert was FANTASTIC! So worth the pain I was in the next day!

* Started the new monthly plan book for August (started the same day as the Volksfest), and it's coming along. It's definitely different then the one that I made for July AND it's still improving. I already started working on the basics for September (mostly because I wanted to paint the cover for fall) and as August moves on, I am writing a list of things to change/add for the following month. I've started adding doodles and little icons on my pages to make it all more unique.

* Getting caught up on Castle and Rizzoli and Isles finally, which are two fo my new (to me) favorite shows. I love the characters, and we can see a running theme in my favorite TV shows (crime drama and geek shows). I love how Castle makes a TON of refrences to the tv show Firefly and his character Captain Malcom Reynolds! I can't help but laugh every time.

* I have been talking to my best girlfriend from Bragg Kelli and my best guy friend Shrek all for the last couple of weeks. Kelli is now going through the MEB like I am, so it gives us both someone to talk to about it all (she is just starting so I can tell her what to expect and I finally have someone to talk to). She got to Bragg a couple of months before I left and we hit it off immediately. It helps that we were the only girls in our section and we were both intelligent. She was newer to the Army (she'd been an Army wife for a couple of years... but she was new to being a soldier) and we just clicked, despite our different personalities.
We were at a Hail & Farewell for some people in our unit
Shrek was my first friend at Fort Bragg, we became friends at a predeployment class because we were stuck sitting next to each other and I ended up with melted Hershey kisses on my iPod in my pocket.... we were best friends from that moment on. His wife hated me with a burning passion so we kind of had a falling out before he left to Rucker, but I still consider him my best friend and I talk about him a lot. We've started talking more again, which makes me happy. I don't have many people that I actually consider friends... so I like to keep the ones I have (everyone else is considered an acquaintance).
Me, Shrek, and his sister-in-law on my 21st bday

* Started working on my #ListersGottaList lists for this month. I am a little behind, but I am working on them when I have the motivation. I am starting to doodle a little more on my lists, instead of just having text, so that makes me happy!

* My Canon Selphy printer came in at the beginning of this week, for which I am stoked. Even though I have had to work all weekend, I am working on getting pictures printed for my journal and even for my monthly plan book, because I want to make them memory keeping items! So super stoked!!!! There will be a review blog post on it later on this month. I promise it will be before the end of the month!!!!

* My International Geek Girls Pen Pal Camp kit (#IGGPPCamp) came in the day after my Selphy printer did, and I was so stoked. If you follow my Instagram, then you will have already seen the picture I took of the entire kit and even my drawing of Jumbo the Snail from the sticker set created by Hello Quirky. Camp actually starts on the 13th of this month, so I am pretty stoked.

.: Little Loves:.

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