"I Love" Sunday's v.39

Happy Sunday dear friends!
Hope you're having a better day then I am.

Had to be at work at 0630 yesterday and this morning.... I do not like being up that early since my insomnia keeps me up until after midnight. Oh well.... tis the Army life.

** Today marks the end of this rotation and September means a month off of rotations, and multiple 4 day weekends! Yay for time off!!!

** We got two new females in this week. I was weary at first because my CSM told me that I needed to look out for them (uh duh) and luckily all three of us get along really well! I took them out to Stella's on their first night here because everything else was closed. The next day I took them to the Graf PX, which was really entertaining. It's nice having girls my age that I get along with. Maybe now, I'll actually get out and travel some more!!!!

** I started using my Canon Selphy printer (finally) and absolutely LOVE it! I started printing pictures for my journal and for my monthly plan book! After that, I decided that I wanted to create a "Big Events" mini book, and printed out the pictures for that. Now I just gotta put the pictures in my book and do the writing!

** I've been doing a lot of planning lately. On purging and using my craft supplies, getting rid of or selling some of my stuff... things like that. I want to make room and have less stuff for when I finally leave Germany. When I get stateside, I will be doing the same thing to the storage unit I have in Florida with all my stuff in it. I don't want a storage unit when I move to North Carolina. This means that there is a craft space tour video in the works, so be on the look out for that!

** So I took the two new girls out yesterday, K & N, to the Regensburg Festivle with the help of the Winkleman family and we had a blast! The first thing we did was take them on a little walk around parts of Regensburg (it helped that we had to walk through the city a bit to get to the fest) and Chris told them of some of the history that he knew about the city. Funny story (at least to me and K), the other day when I took the girls to the Graf PX, we ran into a friend of mine and some of his buddies. One of the guys in the group took a real liking to N almost instantly. Well, we ran in to them again last night at the fest, and the same kid was already drunk, and all over N, trying to get her to go on rides with him and what not. We finally walked away once he dropped his beer glass, but not before K and I almost died of laughter (like we had to lean against each other to hold each other up we were laughing so hard). After that, Chris and his son, K, and I went and did 3 rounds of bumper cars (which I am paying for today). Overall we had a fantastic night! After the fest we walked to our favorite Thai resteraunt and had dinner before we headed back home because I had to work this morning.

** Since October happens to pretty much be my favorite month of the year, I've already started decorating my monthly plan book ahead of time... I just couldn't help it! I ordered some new stickers and stuff from various Etsy shops, and I really can't wait for them to get here so I can finish decorating both September (bought new Fall themed stickers) as well as October!

** I've been watching some YouTube videos on craft room tours and then I looked up TN Art Journal video's, which led me to a couple of videos that have inspired a new way for me to create a hard copy documentation of my time here in Germany. Check out this blog post from Scrappin' Love about a TN she created for her trip to Australia! It's inspiring!

** Since 30 Days of Lists September starts here on Tuesday, there was a blog hop this past Wednesday, where a bunch of us shared some lists from the March 2011 round in preperation! Check out my blog post here, where you can also see links to the other participants' posts. I am a sponsor this round and am pretty excited about it! I can't wait to share my lists with you guys throughout the entire month!

.: Little Loves :.
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What are you loving from this past week?