My new Glendori: HP Style

Hello friends!
You guys know me, know that I love handmade items, travelers notebooks, and Harry Potter!
This is a fantastic mix of those three things!
I met Glenda in a Facebook group for travelers notebooks and I ordered a custom made Harry Potter cover! She made it very quickly and shipped it from Australia to my base in Germany (which counts as a US address). She is super sweet and easy to work with. She responded quickly to any and all questions. She was also awesome enough to do an interview with me as well!
although I have the wrong sized inserts, I couldn't help but put my book together immediatly.
1. Introduce yourself: Hello fellow traveler's notebook aficionados - my name is Glenda and I make leather travelers notebooks and other types of journal covers in my business Paperflower Design Studio on Etsy. I love on a 20 acre hobby farm (with my husband Tony, 8 alpacas, 5 angora goats, 2 sheep, and 3 dogs) in rural Western Australia. We are a blended family and between us, have a son and two daughters (all adults now) and a 9 year old grandon and almost 3 year old granddaughter.
In my spare time (which I don't currently have any of), I like to spin my fibre animals fleece into yarn which I dye and hand knit. I also like to make stained glass windows, panels, and jewlery boxes. We are building our own home here on the farm (a 2 story log cabin), which is a labor of love, but exhausting. We're hoping to move in for Christmas, as we are doing everything ourselves - no contractors except for an electrician and plumber.

This is the whole cover!
2. How did you become aware of travelers notebooks?
I first discovered TN's in late 2013 whilst looking for an inspiration for scrapbook mini albums (yes, I like to make miini albums for my photos and special moments). ((Don't worry Glenda, I love doing that as well! Special albums for special moments!!!)) I happened upon a picture of a Midori TN whilst looking for a style of journal that could be used over and over again and not just "put away" once it had been filled up with my memories - I had one of those "ah ha" moments.
I never really considered buying one as I always thought I would try my hand at making one - which I of course did. By this time I was obsessed (like we all get in the beginning) and had joined the fledging Midori Travelers Notebook Resource Group (only a few hundred members strong at this time) after seeing a blog post of Ray Blake's about journaling.
I shared pics of my homemade TN and the folders I made to go with it and others start asking if I would make one for them also, so it just snowballed from there.
I officially opened my Etsy shop in march 2014 ( after simply trading through paypal for a few months) and have enjoyed the evolution ever since.

There is a cute little passport and elephant charms for bookmarkers
3. What inspires you? I draw inspiration from all around me really. I love making the "themed" TN's and have made those inspired by Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, Steampunk, Jules Verne, Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Audrey Hepburn, and Cheshire Cat just to name a few.
This is a super awesome little Hogwarts crest she had that I simply adore
4. Can you describe your style? I like to be different as much as I can and am always looking for new ways and designs to tweak an already fabulously simple design. I specialize in custom orders and that is what I love doing the most - working with my customer one on one to make their perfect notebook cover. I use a variety of Australian and imported leathers which consist of embossed and plains in varying thicknesses. As a lot of the fancy embossed leathers are thinner (they need to be to take the embossing) I line a lot of my covers in stiffer leathers to give the correct firmness for a TN, adding pockets also help stiffen the cover. I use vegetable tanned leather sparingly and most of my dyed leathers are oil tanned or especially coasted to make metallics or mock croc patterns, etc.
I offer a variety of machine stitched pocket configurations and have also made specific customer requests for a certain pocket design (pretty much anything is possible). I typically use the 4 elastic system with holes horizontally across the spine by am happy to make any other elastic design a customer requires, it is after all their notebook cover.

The golden H on the spine.
You can find Glenda at her Etsy shop | Facebook Page | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr
I want to say thanks to Glenda for her quick and efficient work! I absolutely LOVE my glendori and put it together as soon as I pulled it out of its packaging! Which was super cute by the way! I will definitely keep her in mind the next time I want a custom TN cover made! Make sure you guys check her out! She is super sweet and easy to work with!