Blogging without a niche

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday!

I am trying to do better about writing more often on this here blog. Going on fun adventures with my friends sure does help a whole lot... but I want to share more then just my adventures and my "I Love" Sunday series. That's my goal this month. BLOG MORE!


this is a banner that I tried to make for my YouTube channel in honor of Halloween
but it didn't fit right. :(
I've tried finding my niche in blogging, or narrowing it down to a couple of choice topics, but I've found it incredibly difficult to keeping on track. The last couple of times I tried to do this, I ended up giving up on blogging not long after I started, because I felt that there was so much more to talk about and it was a struggle for me.

When I started this blog, I decided that I didn't want to have a specific niche... I am a person of many interests and talents, and it would work best for me if I just blogged about whatever came to mind.

Does that cause you guys to lose interest in a blog? When they don't have a specific niche? Or do you like blogs that cover many topics at once?