"I Love" Sunday's v.40

Hello friends! Happy Sunday!
As usual, I hope this post finds you well.

** I've done something nearly every day on this four day weekend so far, thanks to having two new soldiers in my unit. It's nice having new friends. On Friday, we went to the Nurnburg Volksfest to show the new girls what fests are all about! There will be a post dedicated to that fest later on this coming week. Saturday, one of the girls and I went to the Regensburg Mall. Today, we went up to Graf for dinner, Starbucks, and to finally pick up her PS4 that she's been wanting. I helped her get set up before we both came back to my room and watch Netflix. Tomorrow we're going to the Nurnburg Zoo.

** I've uploaded two new videos to my YouTube channel, which has made me super excited. I've already got plans in the works for more new videos. I kind of like this thing! Check them out and leave me some love! I am also working for a banner for my channel and a kind of intro thingy for my videos.

Picture of my favorite planner supplies for one of my latest videos

**  I got to photograph a retirement ceremony this week for a captain that I knew from Afghanistan, the award of the Honorable Order of Saint Michael to a departing crew chief, and a promotion for my friend N.

** After a 2.5 hour Skype call with my parents (which was amusing and much needed), I began to work on ideas for creating some hand decorated inserts to sell (my mom is hand making her own Travelers Notebook covers and I thought why not make something to go with them?!?). It's been an interesting process already, now I am just waiting for some notebooks to get in for me to decorate. I'll share more about those in another post.

** I started to clean up, organize, and purge stuff in my room. The nice part is not only am I finding things that I kind of forgot that I had, I am also putting stuff together to send to my mom, and I am creating an entire "craft space" that is more centralized and dedicated to my crafts!

.: Little Loves :.
|| Fest fries | Gaterade | Time with friends | Jamming to Disney songs on road trips | warm, clean sheets | Rice Krispies | German bread | German Vanilla Coke ||

What are you loving from this past week?