"I Love" Sundays v.41

Hello friends

Happy Sunday! How're you today?

**  Today is my parents wedding anniversary! Yay to them for being married for over 10 years! A quick super kudos to my dad (a man that never wanted kids) who stepped up to take care of two children that weren't his. He is the best dad that my youngest brother and I could've asked for!

** I recolored my hair this past Friday night because I was tired of it all being multiple colors. I wanted it all to be a single color. It's a little darker then I expected, I think that it looks more brown then red, but K disagrees (she dyed her hair as well) and says it looks more red. It'll lighten up after a few more washes and hopefully be the exact color I was hoping for. 

** K and I went to Nurnburg to go to a store called Underground (a place full of gothic style clothing) yesterday, it was pretty awesome! I got a new shirt!!! There was also a street fair going on (it was like a GIANT yard sale covering the entire city of Nurnburg) that was pretty cool. I got some cool stuff for reasonable prices! There was also a store in one of the buildings in the city that was a geek store! I bought a new Snape wand and a Hogwarts tank top! Later on in the day, I bought a mini guitar to give as a present to a friend of mine as well.

The little guitar that I picked up for my friend!

** Figured out that Netflix works on my work computer, which will help me make it through long boring night shifts. It meant that I got to catch up on Disney movies that I didn't know were around. I know that that sounds weird for me to say, I'm watching Netflix at work, but working night shift... that means there is nothing going and I need to stay awake some how!

** I bought the Disney Infinity 2.0 game for my Xbox finally (I have some of the figurines already), so I started playing it on Friday since it was my day off. Other then the fact that the screen is kind of small because it's pulled back to cover a lot of the area, I like the game so far.

** I'm almost done cleaning, purging, and organizing my room! Most of my craft supplies are all in their proper places! For the first time since I've been here. Sad that I'll be leaving here in a couple months, but better late then never I guess. It's mostly thanks to all the craft tour videos I've been watching.

** Today, I had to take C to Vilseck to get a new mattress for his son, D, since he's kind of outgrown his crib and he has a baby sister on the way. That was an adventure! The awesome part is I got a 12X12 organizer to hold my loose scrapbook paper! There were some other things that I got too, that were all about organizing.
Once we got back to C's house, we found out that there was a Medieval Festival going on near the Nurnburg Castle. So of course, we collect C's wife and son, and then collected K, and made our way to the castle. There will be a post about the festival later on this week!

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What about you? What are you loving from this week?