"I Love" Sunday's v.43

Hello dear friends! I hope this post finds you well.

How was your weekend?

** I had 4 days off starting last Saturday, worked part of Wednesday, and then was off Thursday through today! It was absolutely amazing! I was lazy on most of Monday and literally didn't do anything but movies and watch YouTube planning videos on Tuesday. On Wednesday I worked from 0730-1130 and then was off for the rest of the day. Lazy days are the BEST!!!

** Was contacted by my dear friend Ashes and have been asked to help her get her blog started, for which I am pretty stoked. She wants to do a beauty blog (which is a little out of my element), but I am pretty good at at least getting blogs started. I am even working on making her a blog planning book, which I will show you once its finished and she has it in her possession! 

** So last Friday, this past Monday, and this past Wednesday, K and I got to hang out with my buddy M while he was in Graf for training before moving on to training in another country! M and I went to high school together, meeting in NJROTC. We had a lot of the same friends in high school and we've kept in touch over the years, once he graduated West Point Military Academy. I saw him back at Christmas at a little party that I had, and once he got to Graf he contacted me about possibly hanging out. Friday and Monday we just hung out at the food court and then at the parking lot near where he is staying because everything else was closed after 2000 on post. Wednesday, K and I went to pick him up, and brough him down to Stella's (one of our favorite places to eat) to have dinner with C, T, and their son. Afterwords, K and I had to drive him back to Graf, were we hung out for a little while before heading back home (I had homework and it was almost midnight).

the lighting in the parking lot was terrible and I forgot to get a picture while we were at the food court
so this is the best that I have. I was sitting on the hood of my truck.

** Thursday started the Creative Holiday Planner Workshop hosted by Christ Tomlinson and it is pretty awesome! If you don't know what it is and you're interested, check out the link above for more information. I already watched the Halloween videos and absolutely loved them! I even sent my mom to go check them out (she does crafty things too). Thanks to these videos I watched some Halloween themed stamp sets from Amazon! I can't wait until they get here! ((I am annoyed that some people won't ship to my APO address.... it's a freaking NY address even though we're in Germany.... grrrrr))

They have videos for Halloween, Fall, Christmas, and Winter decorations.
I definitely plan on using some of these ideas in my own planner decorating!
** I also signed up for Christy and Cori's Creative Planner Online Class as well! Pretty happy about this because they go in depth about dashboards, dividers, pockets, and what not for your planners (to include travelers notebooks) and I get inspiration from everywhere, so I am looking forward to this class as well. I think this will help keep me occupied during rotation and keep me from getting too bored when there isn't anything going on at work but I still have to be there.

** Thursday night K and I headed over to C's house for movies and homemade chili! Pretty stoked about homemade food and good friends. I love watching The Avengers movies, the one liners in those movies crack me up every time! T and I made some Salted Caramel Brownies!!!

** Yesterday we went to Oktoberfest. We took a train to Munich (it was easier then driving- and I ran out of gas rations for the month... and I am not paying the Euro price for gas). While it was super overcrowded with drunk people when we got there at noon, we still had fun. We literally walked around for about 4 hours straight without stopping to sit, so believe me when I say I am exhausted today and in some serious pain. It was worth it though. Be on the lookout for a post tomorrow dedicated solely to this adventure.

K and I on the 2 hour train ride to Munich for Oktoberfest

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What are you loving about this past week?