My Adventures: Nürnburg Medieval Fest 2015

Hey dear friends! I hope this post finds you well!

Like I mentioned on Sunday, my usual gang decided to make an impromptu trip to Nürnburg to see the medieval festival that was going on at the Nürnburg castle, this weekend only.

We had to make the trek across Nürnburg to get to the festival, and we made the walk up the steep hills to the top of the castle grounds, only to find out that we had to go back down a ways and around to the back of the castle to get to the festival. This was K's first trip to the castle, and first trip to a medieval festival, so it was worth the walk (I had to keep reminding myself of that on Monday, when I was feeling like total crap! I was out of spoons by the time I got back home, but had to force myself to finish a stupid homework assignment before I could relax)

K, of course, forgot her camera, so I took this picture for her. This is a statue on the wall near the base of the castle. It's got a dragon hanging from a knight's feet.

While waiting in line to pay (this is the first fest I've ever had to pay to get into, but it was cheap), we happened to see this sign. The fest was just for this weekend, and we're so glad that C's neighbor mentioned it when we got home from Vilseck. C and T really love medieval festivals, and I haven't been to one other then the Esslingen Christmas Market (I really really love the Renaissance Festival), so we couldn't pass this up.

One of the two newest fest glasses that I have added to my collection. I usually don't drink when I go out, but this fest had Met (pronounced mead in English), and I couldn't pass it up! It was awesome!!!!

K got a glass of non-alcoholic beverage so she could get a glass to take home too, because she got a bit of motion sickness on the way to the fest, so she needed to settle her stomach. The cool thing about German festivals is that when you get a drink, you pay a deposit on the glass (I paid 3 euro for the mug in my hand). When you finish your drink, you can either return the glass and get money back, or you keep the glass (it's what the deposit is for). It's hard to tell in this picture, but my glass is a little taller then hers, and quite a bit wider.

Dom missed his nap today so we could go to this, so he was all about cuddles with his dad. T was talking about how she is always the one taking pictures of the boys, so she is hardly in pictures.... so I made sure that I took a picture of the three of them. I need to remember to do this more often, so that way she is in more photos!

K wanted to get a picture of herself in the stocks. It was quite comical to me. This reminds me of the Tampa Bay Renaissance Festival from a few years ago. I actually have a picture like this with my chorus teacher from high school, just without the glass.

Once we finished walking through the festival, we decided to stop for gelato on the way back to the car. I couldn't get any gelato because I had to wait 2 hours after I ate to take my GERD medication, which made me a little sad. Instead I sat on the stoop and waited for everyone else. I wore my hair up in a hair clip, since it was warmer today, so it looks like my hair is shorter then it really is. Once they got their ice cream cups, I offered to push Dom's stroller so T and C could eat their gelato while we headed back to the car.

We always park next to the train station when we go to Nürnburg, so we had to walk through the train station to get into the city. Apparently I've missed this painting each time we walk through, but it caught my attention today. It's a pretty cool replica of all the churches and the castle in the city, surrounded by the inner city wall!

I love going on little day trips with this group of friends. Since T is pregnant and they have Dom (who's not even 2 yet), I know that I won't have to spend all day at the fest. They understand my limitations of when I need to sit down and take a break, and they understand when I say that I am tired and done for the day. They don't judge me at all, which is nice, and I know that I don't have to deal with a bunch of alcoholics. 
Until next time!