My adventures: Nürnburg Volksfest 2015

Hey friends!
Happy Tuesday everyone.
This past weekend was a 4 day weekend in honor of Labor Day, so Friday we took the girls to the Nürnburg Volksfest. We had an absolute blast
This is the entrance view from the parking area. I don't remember seeing this last year... but that may be because last year we took a train from Parsberg to Nürnburg and then a tram thingy from the train station to the fest grounds.

This is over by the entrance from the Tram thingy, which I remembered. My buddy C had to go get some Euro, so we walked halfway around the fest just to find an ATM.

I love ancient Egytian culture. This is the side of one of the fun houses in the fest. We didn't go in, because we were all hungry, but T wanted to stop and take a picture.

This is the beer that C ordered... I just thought the glass was cool. It was tall and skinny... usually beer mugs are shorter and wider.

The most unique Cola class I have ever seen. It was so cool... I wanted to take it with me... but I don't think that I was allowed... so I was a good girl, and left it there.

We played a horse racing skeeball type race game as a group and I somehow managed to win. I got 200 points, so decided to get these because they were 100 points each. The little nerf gun had three bullets and was harder to load then I was expecting... you have to put them in the nozzle and then shoot one before you put in another one.... it wasn't as cool as I thought it was going to be.

C, K, and I went and got Mojitos from here... but they weren't that good. They just dumped sugar in there instead of using sugar syrup, didn't crush up the limes at all, and didn't crush up the mint leaves.... it was actually gross. Which made us all sad.

N and I got on one of those giant swing sets, so I showed her what we could see of Nürnburg from the fest grounds. It was incredibly chilly up there, and I didn't warm up after that. We had fun though.

This is my prize from the last game C and I played. It was like that game where you take a rubber mallet and hit the target to try to ring the bell... but a much smaller version of that game and there were a bunch of numbers. If you hit all five of the 100's (they were each a different color), then you could pick any prize that you wanted. On my last try, I got the last 100 star, and I chose this little monster His tag said his name was Bullseye. He is soft and cuddly, and his arms are kind of flappy.
After we left the fest, we took them into Nürnburg, where we walked around and then got some gelato. It was super yummy!!! I was just proud of myself for remembering to take more pictures. I won't bring my dSLR camera to fests because there are too many people, so I have to use my cellphone.
Thanks for stopping by! Be on the look out on Thursday for a post about our trip to the Nürnburg Zoo!