My adventures: Nürnburg Zoo 2015

Hey friends! Happy Thursday!
Due to scheduling, I actually have tomorrow off, so I have a 3 day weekend this weekend!
This past Monday C, T, their son D, K, and I all went to the Nürnburg Zoo. It was rainy and cold, but we figured that we would still go, and hope that the weather got a little bit better. All of the signs at the zoo were in German, so some animals were a little more difficult to identify then others were.

We saw this monkey first. He gave my friend a demonic look, but I managed to catch him just right. Most of the animals were inside their glass cages to protect them from the weather, so I didn't get a bunch of great pictures of all the animals, because there was too much glare on the glass.

The giraffes were all lined up in a line for some reason, which kind of made us all laugh.

Sea cows! I honestly didn't know what they were at first, because I have never seen them before. T had to tell me what they were. I think they look a little funny...

I kept trying to take his picture after lunch, but he kept wanting to give me his back side. Finally, T made a noise and caught his attention and I barely managed to snap this picture.

The lioness and the lion sitting in their cave. T made a noise to get their attention so we could take pictures.

I forget what these things are, but they were a hoot. They apparently are kind of viscious, but this one loved playing with C's finger. There were several of them in one enclosure, they were jumping all over the place and they appeared to be having a blast.

K and I paused to take a picture together after she asked me to take a picture of some birds. It had stopped raining for the most part, but I let C borrow my beanie for the day and my ears were cold, so I left my hood up. As you can see.... it didn't cover all of my head, which amused and annoyed me.
My favorite part of the zoo:

Anyone who knows me, knows that penguins are my favorite animals. I have several stuffed animals, several emphemra pieces and sticker sets, and even have a tribal penguin tattoo (to represent me and my sister Mak- because she loves penguins too).

C kind of startled the penguins when he blew out the smoke from his vap (it smelt like pudding), so a bunch of them jumped into the water, but then came back out to investigate.

One of the last things that we saw while at the zoo were some reindeer.
It was very interesting to see all the different animals at a German zoo, most of them from Asia and Africa. The hardest part was all the signs being in German.... so sometimes we had to guess at what the animals were. I didn't get a picture of EVERY animal, and only decided to share with you the best pictures that I took on my phone.
It was a great day, and once we were done at the zoo, we went back to C's house and attended a Labor Day BBQ hosted by his neighbor. Lots of good food, made new friends, and overall had a fantastic day. I like my friends, and its nice to finally get out of the barracks more often.
Until next time!