My adventures: Regensburg Volksfest 2015

Hey dear friends! I hope this post finds you well. If you guys were around last year, then you will remember that I used to blog about fests and stuff that I went too, and decided to start doing that again, since I'm starting to get out more.
So on Saturday, we went to the Regensburg Volksfest with the two new girls. We decided to meet up with a friend of mine as well (but he didn't spend much time with us because he was baby sitting someone from his unit. Sadly, I didn't take many pictures, but we sure did have a good time.
These are our two new females in the unit, K is on my left and N is on my right.
They were in Germany for like 3 days when this happened.
I was told by my CSM that I needed to take care of them, so I decided to start showing them German cultures and festivles.
The first thing we did was stop in a beer tent so C, K, and N could get beer while I got some fries. I love fest fries! Last year they had this cool seasoning on them... but not this year... so I was a little bummed out about that.
After that we walked around a lot, they all did a fun house thingy while I stayed with the stroller and stuff, and then we did some bumper cars, K and N rode one of those rides that spins you in circles and stuff.... it was cool.

My buddy's wife, T, decided that before we left she wanted to get a chocolate covered pear that was made to look like a cute little mouse

Once we were done at the fest, we decided to take the girls out for dinner, we took them to The Thai Place (that's what it's called) that we love. We had to walk across a bridge to get back to the main part of Regensburg, so I snapped this picture of the river.
This is the side view of one of the churches as we headed back to our vehicles to leave Regensburg.
Over all, we had an absolute blast. Everyone was super tired once we were done. It was about a 45 minute drive home, but its always nice to go out and hang out.
Stay tuned next week for my post about our trips to Nürnburg Fest and the Zoo