YouTube: Surprise Happy Mail

Happy Monday dear friends!
I can actually say that because not only was I out of work at 1300 today, but I got some surprise Happy mail!!!
This is like my shortest video yet!
Which isn't really a bad thing!!!!
I apologize for all the sniffling in the video! My allergies flared up really bad this morning.
For those that either don't want to watch the video or can't (I know sometimes it doesn't work right on my computer)... or you don't want to listen to the sniffling I've been doing all day...
About a week and a half ago, I placed an order on Amazon. I bought two packs of the plain Cahiers Moleskine notebooks to create new inserts to sell, and I decided to give the blank Midori insert a try (According to my Amazon account it's the blank 003 insert). I wanted to test it with my new Distress Inks, Distress Mini pads, and give my watercolors a try.
Well, I got my package yesterday. I was glad to see the Moleskine notebooks, because now I can start working on the inserts I've designed to sell. The surprise was a familiar looking box (thanks to YouTube videos). I opened it up and happened to find this Original Midori Travelers Notebook with my 003 insert.
Believe me when I say that I tripple checked my Amazon account to make sure I hadn't secretly ordered the Midori and just forgot about it. I've sent an email to the seller and am waiting to hear back from them. It's a happy accident and I hope I get to keep the cover because I've been considering ordering an original midori just for my sketchbook. We'll see what happens!
My Ali Edwards Day in the Life kit also finally came in (it took longer then expected... which is weird because her stuff always gets here quickly), so I am excited to start working on my album and getting that completed. I forgot to take a picture because as soon as I opened it, I put everything away in it's proper place (yay organizing my craft supplies).
I hope you guys and gals have a great rest of your Monday!
I'm off to complete my homework for this week (bleck)