Blog Birthday!!!!

Hello dear friends!

I hope this post finds you well!!!!

I just wanted to share an impromptu post today to mention that it's my blog's 1st Birthday!!!!! That's right, The Diary of A Dreamer has been around for a year!

This was my original header

This is my new Halloween header

I wasn't sure how long this blog was going to keep going, I've been blogging on and off ever since my deployment back in 2011, and I haven't stuck with it for long... until now! I know that there were times where I wasn't as active as I could have been, I've started series that died quickly, and I have been kind of all over the place.... but at least I am still here blogging.


If you're new to this here blog, check out my sidebar for my most common posts. 

"I Love" Sundays is my weekly blog post where I talk about my favorite things that happened from the previous week!

Crafts & DIY is pretty self explanatory. I am an avid crafter of many talents, and I love sharing this passion with everyone! I have some craft related plans in the works and I will love sharing them with you as soon as they are more concrete!

Geekery is for all things Geek related! This involves a series that I participated in called 5 Fandom Friday, and any mention of Geeky related things!!!!

Chronic Illness is all posts about learning to live my life with a chronic illness, how it affects my life in the military, and anything else Spoonie related.

My Travel Adventures document all my adventures within Germany, including pictures! I will continue this series even after I leave Germany, any and all day trips and whatever else I can think of!

Memory Keeping is all the ways that I document how I do my memory keeping. It started with scrapbooks, moved on to these blog posts, and has transferred into my Travelers Notebooks. I plan to redefine this series into something a little more concrete that I hope you guys will like. 

Recipes is where I share my favorite recipes that I have tried. It started with when I used to cook with Mo and it will continue with anytime I try a new recipe that I really enjoy! This is kind of my digital recipe book since I haven't gotten around to making a hard copy one of my favorites!


I try to remember to make a post every time that I post a video on YouTube, so that way if you read this blog but don't follow my Facebook page or my Instagram, then you will know there is a new video. 

I hope to continue to make more positive changes on this here blog in the coming year. With me leaving the Army in January, I have a feeling that this blog might change as my life changes. I thank everyone that has become a reader of mine, hello to the new bloggers, and let's see what this next year brings!


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much love!!