Halloween 2015: My decorations

Happy Tuesday dear friends
at least it isn't Monday!

This is a free phone wallpaper I saved from Zedge

Today I wanted to share with you my Halloween decorations scattered amongst my barracks room. This is the little bit of decorating that I am able to do here in Germany. I can't wait to be home next year for Halloween (I bet you guys are tired of hearing that from me)

I have several candles and holders all over my room. I got them all from the PX. The purple one I got last year to help Mo decorate his apartment, I just got the pumpkin shaped one on Saturday from Vilseck, the two silver ones are from the PX in Ramstein, and the large white one I got covered in spiders is from the Graf PX. 

I picked up these flowers when I went to Ramstein last month, and the two black ones and the red one are from a fest that I went too. I cut them down to fit the size of the other ones.

I love these LED skull lights that I got. They are battery operated lights.

Here is my new witch pillow that I picked up at the craft fair and my favorite Zombie yeti that hangs out on my bed with me.

These are my stuffed decorations that were either made for me or that I bought from the store. The Halloween owl was made by Rawr! is Monster, Batman is from Alexz at Spooky Pooky Creations, as is my zombie yeti and the two Phantom of the Opera stuffed dolls. The little grim reaper and toast plush were from the Ramstein PX, and the pumpkin was given to me by Eilene at the Craft Fair. The Jack Skellington and Groot figures are from Disney Infinity 2.0 for Xbox 360. Behind them are Hermione and Snape's wands.

Lastly, there is my Candy jar, my pumpkin mug, and my skull tumbler that were all bought from the Graf PX.

I bought this sugar skull mini canvas at the craft fair last week as well.

It's not much, I usually go a little more all out, but this is what I've done with the room I've got. I wish I could show you my friend's room, she put those bloody handprints and dripping blood window clings all over her walls.... it's funny. Next year I think I will have a little colored Halloween tree in my house or apartment.

I really should've taken better pictures, but I wanted to get this blog post out for you guys.

Have you decorated for Halloween? If so, let me see!