"I Love" Sundays v. 44

Hello friends
Happy Sunday!

I hope this post finds you well!

** October is finally here! This happens to be my favorite month of the year leading up to my favorite holiday. You get the awesomeness of Fall (the leaves changing colors, the cooler temperatures, etc.) with the awesomeness of Halloween (monsters, extra candy, ghosts, and creepy movies).

** The first episode of Criminal Minds Season 11 aired this week and I am finally getting around to watching the episode today. I am super stoked because I absolutely love this show!!! I am also getting caught up on the episodes I've missed on the new seasons of NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and NCIS: New Orleans. For those that don't know me, can you see a pattern in my favorite TV shows.

** The second set of Creative Holiday Planner classes opened up on Wednesday, these ones more geared towards Winder and Christmas, and I am trying to decide if I want to watch them now or not. Speaking of Planner videos, Jenny Penton has a new video up on her Christmas set up and it was rather inspiring. I, of course, already watched it, but I think I am going to wait until I get through this month before I really start worrying about my Christmas set up. Check her out on YouTube!!!!

** I got my disability percentages on Friday from the Army and the VA. I got 40% from the Army, which means I will be medically retired in the coming months and 60% from the VA, which means a monthly pay check from them on top of other benefits. I get a blue retiree ID card, can continue using  military facilities, still have Tri-Care (which is good because I know nothing about health insurance), and it will make the transition into civilian life a little easier.

** Yesterday, my usual group and I went to the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival at the Ludwigsburg Palace. It was a 2 hour drive each direction, but it was worth it. The palace is gorgeous, the grounds are gorgeous, and the Pumpkin sculptures are pretty phenomenal. Be on the lookout for the post tomorrow here on the blog, because there was a TON of cool stuff, including fairy tales! All of the pictures were taken for my photography website (I brought my camera since this wasn't an alcohol oriented event)

** Before we headed back home, we had to drive to Patch Barracks for gas, where I got to go see some of my favorite peoples, and introduce my new peoples to my old group of peoples. Haha. It was just nice to see Momma B and her family!

** Today is reserved for homework and relaxing. I am absolutely exhausted from yesterday and everything pretty much hurts. While it was most definitely worth the long drive there, all the walking, and the long drive home.... these adventures can be really tiring, -.-' Oh well.

.: Little Loves :.
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