"I Love" Sunday's v.45

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday. How're you today?

** Monday brought me some super happy mail in the form of packages! If you follow my Instagram account, you've already seen the picture.

The halloween stamp was from a third party company on Amazon. The two sets of Halloween Washi were from American Crafts. The States stamp/fest stamp are from Sweet Stamp Shop. From Jet Pens, I got a fountain pen, a thin roll of camera washi tape, a portable stencil, penguin stickers, and some additional Midori brand bands for my inserts.

** Monday and Tuesday were a reprieve from homework (mostly because I was being lazy and didn't want to do it). I just started week 5 of my classes, only 3 weeks left! It's nice seeing the end of my classes in sight!!!!!

** Wednesday came around and I got my Letter of Release from the Army with my retirement date. I'm excited about it, but at the same time it's sad. This is the only thing I have done in my adult life, and it will be a hard transition. It's also shocking to know that all of this will end in 88 days (84 days on Sunday).... just after Christmas and New Years. This means I am now running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything sorted. I could start terminal leave in December, possibly the middle of November, so there is a lot that I need to get done first. I want to see some Christmas markets before I leave, take a few more day trips, get some more photos. 
My boss told me I am no longer on the work schedule so I can focus on getting my act together and out of this place. This is kind of exciting.

Random military meme- that just happens to be the story of my life!!
** Thursday was the Hispanic Heritage Observance Celebration on base. I was in charge of decorating the room and stayed to take pictures of the entire event, that was put on by my unit. I don't know how we got put in charge of it, but we were, and I was asked to volunteer for it, so I did. 

** Friday, I had to work for a little while but was released early when the flights were all cancelled due to weather.

** Yesterday was a simple day, just hung out in my room reading and watching television. Once I helped K put some batteries in a plastic pumpkin from the PX, I filmed the video of my current planner set-up, which should be up on my channel sometime today. I really do love Halloween, so there were quite a few decorations.  

** Today we went to another Medieval Fest, it was about an hour away from home. There will of course be a blog post this week (hopefully tomorrow) to share more about what happened (it just depends on if I can get the pictures edited tonight before my homework is due.)

.: Little Loves :.
||  Snickers Ice Cream Bars | Trolli gummy hamburger candy | the taste of Freedommmmmmmmmm | Criminal Minds (the new season has started and I am stoked!) | Halloween themed decorations | Punk goes Pop music (Rock bands sing Pop songs) ||

What are you loving from this week?