"I Love" Sunday's v.46

Hello Friends
Happy Sunday!

** Monday was the Dokumentationszentrum visit in Nurnburg, it was all about the Third Reicht and everything that led up to the Holocaust. That was a 3 hour adventure (like no lie, 3 hours long) where they give you a device that translates all the exhibits. After that we went to this 3 story comic store where they actually had English comics! I was so super stoked!!! I got 3 Batman comics that I needed to add to my collection, a Copic Multiliner in 0.5, a Copic Multiliner in brush size small, and a new purple Copic marker to replace the one that doesn't work. I was so super stoked about it that I really had to limit my spending that day. I needed to wait until I got paid to go back and look at more stuff.

part of a panorama that C took that he sent to me of the Nazi Parade Field

** Tuesday was a shamtastic kind of day, where I laid around and didn't do a whole lot. My main priority was to continue printing photos out for my journal, since it was one of the last things that I needed to do to complete my journal. I was also finally inducted into my local chapter of the VFW. It's only taken like 5 months, ha ha ha. There were some circumstances that got in the way.

** Wednesday brought me to the lovely YouTube channel of Serena Bee and her October Daily. It's a Halloween version of Ali Edward's December Daily. I've already written a post about my plans for October Daily now that I found her project. If you love Halloween like I do, you should check her out!!!

** Thursday was a super busy day for me. The majority of my day was spent at a craft fair trying to raise awareness and funds for the upcoming Breast Cancer 5K being held on 24 October. I did a LOT of talking (got pretty tongue tied eventually), met some awesome new crafters in my area, and bought some amazing handmade products! 

After that I finished the first volume of my scrap-journal inspired by Courtney of The Little Ink (YT) and Raven Ink (blog). I am super stoked about completing this project and there will be a flip through of this video on my YT page here soon. I just have to finish editing and posting two other videos first!

After that, it was time for a work dinner for a Hail & Farewell at a local German restaurant. I love events like this because they foster a sense of camaraderie and community between everyone in my unit, despite rank. The families come with as well, and it's a big event for us. We said welcome to about 20 new Falcons and their families and good-bye to 5 or 6 people that are leaving us here soon. It's always quite the adventure.

** Friday was spent editing photos from my adventures from this past weekend and catching up on blog posts. I started my new journal, edited some videos for my channel, and watched some TV.

** Yesterday I picked up some new Halloween decorations for my room. I can't do a whole lot of decorating, but I will do what I can. Haha. I got some new candle holders, a new mug, a new plastic cup, and some stickers for my October Daily project. 

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What are you loving from this week?

Tomorrow is also my blog's first birthday! Make sure you stop back by and check out that post!!!