My adventures: Hemhofen Medieval Fest 2015

Happy Tuesday dear friends!

This weekend was a four day weekend to celebrate Columbus Day (in reality, we're supposed to get a four day every month so we can go travel around Europe but they try to make it fall on holidays if possible to make it more legit). On Sunday, the usual crew and I made a trip about an hour away to a small medieval festival.

Some of these pictures are watermarked, they ARE my photos, just being used from my photography business. The ones that aren't watermarked were never edited for my business.

This is the sign that leads up to the front of the small festival. It's no where near as big as what I am used to (I really do love Medieval festivals and Renaissance Fairs), but it was still pretty awesome. Thankfully it was a gorgeous day outside, a little chilly, but gorgeous none-the-less. We had an absolute blast today.

There was a blacksmith as soon as you walked into the event. I tried to get pictures of him actually working but there were people in the way when that happened. One of the officers I work with said that the photo above looks like I took a picture of an old time photo. I promise it's not the case, haha. I just edited it this way!

This was a band that was playing as we walked around. They were singing in German (of course) but the music was really pretty! I love how they were all dressed up!

Dom is such a good test subject to take pictures of. He was in the middle of eating something when I snapped this, but it sometimes is hard to get him to look at me for long.

This is the mug I got from the event. I got some mead first but the cup was just a regular clay cup without anything on it, so I didn't keep it. This cup I got was full of some peppermint tea. It was yummy, the first time that I tried that. 

This is my absolute favorite picture that I have taken to date. Dom was getting a little squirmy in his stroller and his mom took the spoon that he was playing with since it wasn't ours. I tried to distract him with my camera. Please let me repeat that I LOVE this picture. 

In the center of the event was a fenced off area, where these guys used the space to joust and perform. it was pretty entertaining to say the least.

There were these three ladies dancing after the jousting was over. It was pretty interesting to watch, they were very fluid and in time with each other.

This guy was walking around and I just thought he was wearing the coolest outfit! He didn't speak any German when I went to ask if I could take his picture, but he understood what I meant when I pointed at him and then my camera. When I said thank you in German (one of the few things I learned how to say when I got here) he tried his best to say you're welcome in English. He was awesome!

This was when we were heading back to the car. Dom is very much a daddy's boy and loves walking with him when he's able. This picture was just too cute to pass up taking. 

Overall, as usual, we had a blast on our outing. I really am going to miss this small group of people, my extended family, when I go back to the States. I love the adventures that we go on during the weekends.