Halloween 2015: October Daily

You guys!

Today, I was surfing the YouTube when I came across someone who has the same love of Halloween that I do, and believe me that I was completely stoked!!!! Her name is Serena Bee and she is a girl after my own heart!

She (obviously unknowingly) introduced me to her project of October Daily and I immediately fell in love with the whole project. Check out her video below, where she explains the entire premise for October Daily! And here is her blog post that goes with her video.

Isn't she just lovely? I couldn't wait to get started on my own October Daily once I start my new volume of my scrap-journal. I love that she gives out prompts that can be done completely out of order, to help you when you get stuck! As much as I love Halloween, these prompts will help me out on days where I don't have much Halloween things share. 

I'm trying this new project out in my scrap-journal, so that way if I fall behind or fall off the wagon, the work and preparation that I did complete doesn't go to waste. I'm also setting it up this, because over the course of my "scrapbooking" adventures and with the start of my first scrap-journal (inspired by Courtney at The Little Ink) that the best way for me to conduct my memory keeping is to write in my journal and then decorate it with ephemera, washi tape, stamps, and pictures. This is the best way for me to journal and scrapbook my memories and adventures.

So I am going to start working on October Daily for 2015 as soon as I complete my last few pages in my current journal. It's just by chance that the end of my first volume coincides with the end of September and beginning of October! Be on the lookout for the journal flip through of my first journal coming up either at the end of this week or the start of next week. 

I'm off to get started on today's crafting adventures! See you guys next time!