December Goals

Hello dearies!

Can you believe that it is already almost December?
I already have posts lined up for the 29th and 30th of this month, which is why this is being posted today!

December Goals:

** Complete December Daily- I have plans to work on it every day, but I don't know that it will be successful. At the very least, I want to work on it weekly and get it complete ASAP.

** Videos-  Either done daily or weekly as able.

** Send out Christmas Cards- I am working to get pictures taken so I can actually complete this task. Hopefully that will be done this week. 

** Work on this blog- It's almost the new year, which means I want to improve things on this blog. I want to build a better advertising program and actually get that started. I want to start a newsletter that you all would be interested in. Send me ideas of things you guys would like to see in a newsletter.

** Post at least 2 times a week-  In the last few months I've either only posted on Sundays, or have to do a lot of backdated posts because I've been busy. I want to make this blog interesting again, which means I want to post more often. My goal is to post at least twice a week!

** Handmake at least 3 gifts- Since I love making things by hand, I figured that this one is perfect. It's Christmas season and I can definitely try to make gifts by hand! Let's do it

** Find a place to live- I was considering renting a house (it's the same price as renting an apartment here most of the time), but I would need help with the lawn and what not. I am looking at a couple of apartment complex's near where I am currently staying. Bonus: Actually move in to a place!

Recap of Nov Goals:

** Finish October Daily- Check

** Share a video for each week of the project-  Wasn't posted every week, but there is a video for every week

** Prepare for December Daily- All ready to go!

** Share a video of my completed December Plan book- check

** Read an entire book- Negatron Ghost Rider. I am part way through Cinder, but I haven't had time to complete it because I was busier then I expected to be.

** Pack my room- done

** Prepare car for transport- This was a nightmare, but it is shipped

** Photograph Eilene's Hope Session- We never got a chance to do this because her mother had to leave earlier then expected due to family stuff. 

** Look for a place to live- Still an ongoing process. This is a little more difficult when you're overseas and 6 hours ahead of everyone else. Makes it hard to talk on the phone.

** Inventory crafts to sell- Done. Now to just get everything made and a place to sell

** 30 Days of Thankful project- This was completed at the bottom of each day in my November Plan book.

** Scrap-journaling mini series or YT series- Still mulling over this idea in my head. Now that the move is almost here, I can apply more time to process this idea.

Do you have any December Goals that you would be willing to share? If you have a post already, share it so we can help keep each other accountable!