"I Love" Sunday's v.48

Hello dear friends!
Happy Sunday!

I hope you all have had a good week!

** I got my November Plan book all set up, although it's probably the plainest notebook that I have created since I started back in July! I am spending my time finishing October Daily and getting ready for December Daily! It's a lot to juggle. I am slowly working on decorating this month's book, I'll show you when I have it done!

** On Monday, I uploading my very first Journal flip through for my first journal. I started it back in June, skipped most of July due to personal things, and picked it back up for August, and finished it out with September. I am very impressed with myself that I kept up with it, and also with how it evolved from when I started to when I finished it. Make sure you guys check that video out! Here is the blog post that accompanies this video.

** So far I have kept up with my 30 Days of Thankful project. Right now, each day I write what I am thankful for at the bottom of each plan book page. When I get done with my October Daily project, I will spend some time transferring all the pieces into my little Gratitude Journal. I'll probably include some of it in my Scrap Journal. I am just proud that I am keeping up with it, even if it isn't how I want to do it.

** On Tuesday I started working on my December Plan Book, which there will be a video on later this week. I needed to get this book done 1) so I can share it with everyone and 2) I am using this book to help me with my December Daily this year. Just like Jenny uses several books for her December planning, I am using both of these books to complete my planning and December Daily documentation. I am working on saving money up to rent a house when I get back home, so I won't be buying much, if any in the way of supplies. This being said, I put together my own December Daily kit from my own supplies.

** On Thursday, K and I were invited to Eilene's house for a belated birthday dinner! Eilene, her husband Bill, and her mother Judy were all super sweet and put together a birthday dinner (after asking me what I wanted to eat) and a super yummy homemade birthday cake. Apparently Judy used to make cakes for a living (I asked her if there was anything that she wasn't good at- we all laughed). Eilene and Judy were even sweet enough to give me a little birthday present! It has a candle, a ceramic crown to hold the candle, two spools of ribbon, and some wood veneer stars! I am really thankful for people like this family in my life.

** On Friday there was a unit BBQ at work. The officers made and brought in food and deserts for everyone to share. The kids had the day off, so it was made into a family event. The food was really yummy- and someone even made puppy chow! ((This is my recipe and first attempt to making it)). I love me some puppy chow!

** Yesterday I filmed and edited the first 7 days of my October Daily project in my scrap journal! I really enjoy the project and I enjoy the challenge of having to journal every day. I don't always have pictures with each entry, but I do my best to at least write every single day. Here is the blog post that accompanies the video

** Today I joined Amy and Jamie's class "The Creative Life - Documented" It's my one purchase for this month until I get back home! I look forward to seeing what these ladies have to share across the 5 lessons! If you're interested in documenting your life in a creative way, make sure you check the class out!

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What are you loving from this past week?